Tender Moments

I wanted to post these two pictures because I find them pretty. Hope you like them ;)

This was a present from my lovely sister-in-law. She went on holiday with her family to the southern coast of France and she brought us this beautiful box with the typical Marseille soaps. They smell wonderfully and they are beautiful!!
I must say that the red one (red wine smell) is the one that has the strongest smell. The purple is blackberry and it is so yummy!! The black one is poppy.

And this is my modest tea set. The tea cups were a gift from my grandma, they are really vintage! And the teapot was a gift from my aunt. BF and I were having a delicious strawberry black tea. I love tea and the ritual attached to it.

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  1. The soaps are beautiful! I love them! :)

  2. Those soaps come in such pretty colors....I bet they smell great!

    I love to drink tea

  3. the soaps are so pretty!
    thanks for all your sweet comments :D

  4. gotta love colorful, scented soaps! the pictures are amazing, darling! those cups are gorgeous!
    happy Thursday, xoxo

  5. Grandma gifts are the best!!The soaps look amazing!!

  6. The soaps are lovely and so your cups are!

  7. Gorgeous post! I love the teatime ritual too:)


  8. Hi again! I just wanted to let you know I tagged you for an award and one other thing :D

  9. i love tea too :) hmm strawberry black tea sounds lovely


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