Golden Sand

This is my most recent obsession:
It is Chanel nail polish in Golden Sand. I am not sure yet if Chanel is going to make this part of the permanent collection; up to know it belongs to the Summer collection together with the other pretty colour called Orange Fizz.
Excuse my manicure, it was not done today, but just at work in a rush:

I am wearing Chanel Protective Base, one coat of Golden Sand, and then Chanel Top Coat for a quick shiny finish.

I think this is one of the few things I will definitely buy one of these days from Chanel as I think it is a perfect colour for any time of the year.

What do you think? (Once again, excuse my nails).

This is another picture I found in: It is a really accurate image indeed.

3 comentarios on "Golden Sand"
  1. looks good!
    I am in love with creamy colors right now, like MAC's new cool reserve.
    have a lovely day, xoxo

  2. Golden Sand is my favourite nail polish ever!! I am looking forward to saving and being able to afford it!! Too much for a nail polish...