When my mood is not at all happy but just the opposite, I need to have in mind the things which make me happy.

  • Pol

Pol is the lovelist cat in the world, he is always ready to play or have a nap with me. He is sweet, soft and cute, he is always at home and always says hello when I get home.

  • The Sun and the Rain
I need sunny days, I guess like all of us do. But the things that can be done under the sun make me so happy: sunbathing, swimming, picnics, holydays, summer dresses and flip-flops, the smell of sunscreen and lots of daylight hours.

However, I am a rain girl. I love rainy days when there is a big storm and I am feeling cozy at home, with a blanket and watching and listening to the rain. When I am depressed, walking under the rain calms me down, and my tears can be mistaken for raindrops...

  • Tea & Chocolate & Coke

This is typical I am afraid... But I just can turn a hard moment into a nice one by means of a cup of delicious flavoured black tea and lots of chocolate. If it is cold, change the tea for a chilled coke.

  • Pampering myself

It can be with a long, full of bubbles, bath, dressing up for a special occasion, putting my make up on to go out...

Ok, now I would like you to write a comment and tell me the thing that makes you the happiest person in the world. That would make me happier today!

24 comentarios on "Happines!"
  1. What makes me happy is when I can go on a shopping spree without having to worry about how much I spend or keep going to the sale aisle just to find something at a cheaper price (not that it's a bad thing but have you seen a lot of the clearance/sale aisl!? It's hectic!!)... what also makes me happy is when I get to spend time with the family and helping others, first hand (so I can actually see I'm helping them and their smiles)

    I hope you feel better so you're happier!! =]

  2. @xoladiihoneyxo
    Yeah, definitely agree on the shopping point!! And helping others and realising you are doing it is another way to feel extremely happy, no doubt!!
    Thanks a lot for your kind comment!

  3. Your ginger boy is absolutely adorable! x

  4. @Little Rus,
    Thank you darling, I think the same! XX

  5. Aww...your Pol looks a lot like my cat, Maggie!! <3

  6. this kind of post is what my blog is about, there's always something to be happy about! x

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  8. Your cat is so cute! I love red cats.

    Well, there is one thing that would make me the happiest person on earth. But that is not going to happen anytime soon I am afraid.

    Something that makes me happy nonetheless is being at home with my loved ones. And a piece of chocolate and a cappuccino.

  9. @ dαnnεει
    I would like yo see a picture of her!

    I think your blog is so cute!!

    now I am curious about that thing what would make you so happy!


  10. @Lydia,
    they are great friends!

    Thank you!


  11. Well, what or rather who makes me the happiest person in the world is also sweet, soft and beautiful, and is also always ready to play or have a nap with me, and that's my son Tommy who is 2 and a half!!! No one or nothing else could ever compare!
    Anna x

  12. @Anna,
    Wow Anna, that is so beautiful and so sweet! You are lucky!! Thanks a lot for your cute comment!!

  13. You have a great blog, im a new follower! Im changing my blog soon to my real passion which is photography, if you like please follow! x

  14. @Piprikia,
    I love photography so I will continue as a follower, no doubt!xx

  15. i so agree with you. chocolate can get me out of any slump. : ) thank you for the shoutout about the diamond giveaway.

  16. @Savvy Gal,
    Thanks to you, it is a great giveaway! X

  17. i am a rain person too! ;) and the things that make me the happiest are: my baby miguel and my boyfriend. simple as that!

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  18. Aww these are very nice!
    My husband makes me the happiest person in the world. When he hugs me or makes me smile :)
    Much love sweety!

  19. What lovely list! We have something for you at BonBon. : )

  20. Thank you, girlies, you are the best!!

  21. o.o! qué bonito! me encantan los gatos son rayas naranjas... que preciosidad. Besos!