La Roche Posay: Effaclar Gel vs Effaclar Mousse

La Roche Posay offers different products as a solution for cleansing/washing time for oily, acne-prone skins yet sensitive. I have talked before about how much I love LRP products and especially the whole Effaclar range, with the exception of the moisturizer called Effaclar H, which I hated...
Anyway, in terms of cleansing, you have to choose between:
  • Cleansing Gel
  • Mousse
  • Purifying Water

Bear in mind that I have already written about the Purifying Water and its pros and cons. But summarizing the whole lot, let me tell you that it is thought of as a makeup remover and it does not work properly. You will spend tons of product if you are wearing more than concealer and tinted moisturizer, for example. Yes, it is delightful as it is pure water, and nothing else, what you put on your skin. It should be perfect for morning cleansing but I still prefer a rinse-off cleanser anyway, so my opinion is biased with this one and I will not repurchase. The truth is that I ended using this as a toner, after cleansing my skin with any other product and I did not like it either.
But turning now to rinse-off products, which are the gel and the mousse, we have to take into account the following aspects:
  1. The EFFACLAR Mousse is especially designed for acne prone irritated skins, for example, undergoing medical treatment. This foam is a good product if you have very dry and sensitive skin but you still have problems with pimples and spots. It works pretty much as hair mousse. You just put that onto skin and you massage a little bit. I say: it is enough for morning cleansing but I find it insufficient for nightime routine if you wear makeup. The best aspect is that it is so gentle. The smell is a bit weird, maybe because of the gas it contains to work as a mousse. Besides, it does not last for a long time.

  2. The EFFACLAR Gel is a wonderful cleansing product. It leaves your face with a great fresh and pure feeling afterwards. It is usually compared to Avene Cleanance Gel but I do not agree at all since the Avene version tightened my skin so badly and I never had that problem with the Effaclar. The worst aspect is that it takes a lot of product to make foam but I have good news: I repurchases this product yesterday and it has a new formula and packaging. It comes now in a 200ml container instead of the 150ml older version and now, it easily makes foam and smells better!

So, to sum up, I will always recommend the Gel version if you are looking for a good cleansing product for acne-prone skin which does not irritate or tighten your skin but leaves you with the feeling of having removed all the impurities and dirtiness.
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  1. I've never tried these products but I definitely have to!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend dear Catanya, cheers: Evi

  2. Thank you for the info/review. I use acne face wash, toner and lotion and my face always feels dry.

  3. Hi Catanya! Thanks for following me in return!! ANd for the review! Mmm, I actually think the Effaclar line would be too much for me, I know you said the gel is non-drying, but still...As for the Zindaclin, it does make my skin less bumpy, but it doesn't really clear it up completely! I think it might be because I use it on and off! What about you? Does it work for u?
    Have a nice week!
    Love, Anna x

  4. great review!
    have a lovely day, xoxo

  5. Ooh, I don't have twitter so I'm not really sure what that is but it sounds nice! haha :D x

  6. @Laura Faye,
    I put a link to your blog so that lots of people can see it and follow it!

  7. I have the Gel and I love it!
    Great review!


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