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    Les Noirs by Chanel 2009

    Chanel is launching a collection based on “the” colour: black.

    I just cannot imagine us all wearing black lips, apart from Halloween. I wish I was so courageous but I just cannot think about myself wearing such black lipsticks. What do you think about the collection as a whole? Isn’t it a bit pretentious? Are we all really going vampy?


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    1. 10 septiembre, 2009 / 18:17

      I think black people are the only ones who could pull off "blackish" lips…

      It is very pretentious and I cannot see myself wearing that if not for Carnival or Halloween (which we don't really have, but let's say I'm in the UK again by that time ehehe)…I guess it is something for collectors, and for MUA, people who work with photoshoots, videos and such. Oh and maybe theater actors…but for regular people? it's a no-no…

    2. 10 septiembre, 2009 / 18:22

      The lipsticks are gorgeous, but so dramatic that is impossible to use these colors. Only gothic people, I think. But the nail polish… So beautiful!


    3. 10 septiembre, 2009 / 18:45

      Theyre gorgeous! I dont think I can pull this one off though. A lot of lines are coming out with black goth dark red l/s. I think it best suits those with pale/super fair skin though

    4. Crystal @ Plush Palate
      11 septiembre, 2009 / 0:24

      I could do dark, smoky eyes, or even dark nails….but not dark lips 🙂

    5. 12 septiembre, 2009 / 12:45

      All these products look amazing the eyeshadow, the lipsticks and the nail polish wow!

    6. 16 septiembre, 2009 / 4:29

      I can't wait! everything looks amazing. Don't know what it is- but I'm on Chanel kick!

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