Mac Cleanse Off Oil and other oil-based makeup removers


I have been using this for a couple of week now and I must say I am a bit disappointed. I have heard (and read) wonders abut this product but after several uses my thoughts are not so optimistic about it.

First of all, the biggest disadvantage I have found is that I need to use tons of product to get rid of all my makeup. When I say "tons", I mean I need like 5 pumps and to rinse twice. I think I will be running out

Secondly, I find the texture is too liquid. I thought that, as it was an oil makeup remover, the texture would be thicker and therefore, easier to apply, but, on the contrary, it just runs off my face and it is a bit disgusting.

The sales girl told me to mix this with a bit of water to make it work better, but it is just the same for me, I have tried both ways and yes, it does remove my makeup but I do not like the feeling at all.

I would like to compare it to other oil-based makeup removers I have used. First of all, I have to say that I prefer oil to get rid of makeup at the end of the day because it is really the fastest and most efficient way to clean your face, in my opinion. I love how in a few seconds your skin is totally neat and clean. I follow my routine then with an appropriate cleanser to remove any rests.

I have used:
- Clinique Take The Day Off Balm:
I have used is for years and the reason I decided to buy the Mac one was because I was just bored and tired of the same product but I will definitely come back to it as it is my favourite one. The balm texture becomes oil when worked onto skin and it removes makeup completely. Besides, it lasts for months.

- Kanebo, Cleansing Oil:

It is a great product but the biggest disadvantage is that it is really expensive. It is a wonderful experience to remove makeup with this product, I loved it! But I could afford it just once...

- L'Oreal, De-maq Expert, Milk to Toner:

A very good option on the cheapy side. It is a very decent makeup remover athough I would complain about the excessive smell (too much fragance) and because I do not like the finish: they say it works like a toner at the end, but I would prefer it was only a cleanser and not a two-in-one product.

- Clarins, Pure Melt Cleansing Gel:

I never bought it but I tried a sample and I really liked it. I should probably try this one next time because I likes the smell and the texture although it did not remove all my makeup as fast as the kanebo or the Clinique one, and not as fast as the Mac either.

So, girls, what other oil-based makeup removers do you know?
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  1. I use baby oil to get my eye makeup off. :P

  2. I love the Clinique balm! Using that at the moment. Next I'm going to try Lancomes eye make-up remover though, as I've heard great things..


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