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    Kanebo Make Up Removers: Step 1

    When I think about Kanebo, I think of the beautiful skin of Asian women. So incredibly clear, soft, flawless…

    I think of thorough, meticulous cleansing routines, using the best ingredients from nature. I remember reading that Asian people have a culture built around skincare habits, whatever the age, sex and economic position. On the contrary, here where I am, men are not likely to take care of their skin, and many women never put a cream on, on a regular basis.

    When I think about Kanebo, I also think why their products are so expensive. It is one of the most expensive brands I know about.

    Today, my review is on Kanebo makeup removers.

    To start with, I will say that I do not think Kanebo has a specific line for my skin type. They focus mainly on dry skins and oily, problematic skins are not likely to find a complete line to take care of spots and blemishes.

    However, if you are looking for a great makeup remover or a great cleanser, Kanebo offers you a great deal of options.

    You have to bear in mind the double system of cleansing they propose, because it is important to realise that they consider that first of all wee need a cleanser in the morning, but at night, we would use two, a meakeup remover and the cleanser again.

    I have been doing this for years now, with many different products from many different brands and I am happy with this routine because it really makes my skin be really clean.

    So, considering this, they divide their cleansing products line, called SENSAI SILKY PURIFYING, into STEP 1 and STEP 2.

    Under the label STEP 1, we can find:
    • CLEANSING OIL: This is one of my favourite products by Kanebo. We can compare it with Mac Cleansing Oil only because of the name, because the Kanebo one has a thicker texture, and then, you need to use much less product every time. Besides, the one by Kanebo cleanses faster and better. I love the delicate scent and the feeling of freshness and moisturizing it leaves on the skin.
      Kanebo web site says: A luxuriously rich rinse-off oil that spreads like liquid velvet over the skin. Apply evenings. Massage gently onto skin. Rinse well.

    • CLEANSING GEL WITH SCRUB: I absolutely loved this one because it has all the great properties of the previous one but it is even more efficient due to the little micro spheres that help to gently exfoliate while removing makeup, and therefore performing a really good cleansing of the pores.

    Kanebo says: An ultra-smooth rinse-off gel with scrub that dissolves make-up quickly with no “scratchiness”. Apply evenings. Massage gently onto skin. Rinse well.

    • CLEANSING CREAM: I tried this one as well but I did not like it as much, maybe because I prefer an oily based makeup remover, and this is, as the name indicates, a creamy product. However, it is efficient as well at removing makeup.

    According to Kanebo: A fast-acting, fast-penetrating rinse-off cream with an exquisitely soothing, silky texture.Apply evenings. Massage gently onto skin. Rinse well.

    • CLEANSING MILK: I hate milks to remove makeup so I have not tried this one.

    In Kanebo’s words: luxuriously silky rinse-off formulation that leaves the skin feeling moist and smooth, with no hint of tautness.Apply evenings. Massage gently onto skin. Rinse well.____________________________________________Right now, I am running out of my Mac cleansing oil, a product I will not buy again because I have noticed that I need tons of product to remove all my makeup, and consequently it is too expensive. Besides, I do not like the water-like texture because it runs through my hands and arms… So I will probably repurchase the Kanebo Cleansing Gel with Scrub. New posts coming soon! I am back!


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    1. 18 octubre, 2009 / 13:44

      welcome back! It's been awhile since I heard from you. lol. hmmmz… I've never heard of this product before.

    2. 18 octubre, 2009 / 14:26

      I have never heard of this line before- great review!

    3. Catanya
      18 octubre, 2009 / 16:30

      Thank you sweeties!!! Love u!

    4. 18 octubre, 2009 / 20:36

      Hi lovely! I'm so glad you did this review, at least I know I won't be spending my money in vain. I think I'll get the gel with scrub first and then when i finish my Shu Uemura cleansing oil I'll probably try the oil too! Thank youuu! xx

    5. Catanya
      18 octubre, 2009 / 20:46

      I am sorry it took me so long to write this, honey! I had this in mind a lot of time ago… XX

    6. makeupper
      18 octubre, 2009 / 21:52

      Thanks for your comment on my blog! I had never heard of this brand before now! Sounds pretty great!

    7. Blair
      18 octubre, 2009 / 21:54

      I love my Sensai makeup base! My HG cleansing oil is from DHC, unfortunately, it isn't available at my corner of the world :[

    8. 21 octubre, 2009 / 18:08

      this all looks fab – such a shame I'm on a budget at the moment 🙁

      I've given you a blog award sweetie 🙂


    9. Catanya
      21 octubre, 2009 / 22:11

      These products are terribly expensive but they really last for a long long time!

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