What is Going On?

Hello ladies of the blogsphere!
How are you?
I have been out of the blogspot and twitter worlds due to my new compromises at work and uni. The previous weeks have been really hectic and I have felt too exhausted to write.
I apologize for my lack of posts recently and I am back this weekend to ask you, readers, what you would like my next entry to be about. Please leave a comment below and the option with the most votes will be the chosen one.

- Kanebo cleansers review.
- latest clothes haul (pictures and comments)
- latest skincare and makeup haul (pictures and comments)
- updated skincare routine, commented.
- La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo review.

Have a great weekend you all!!
5 comentarios on "What is Going On?"
  1. I love your writing, no matter what you write about! :))

  2. Hey Catanya! I've missed you!

    I would like to see you latest clothing haul:)

  3. I'd been wondering where you'd got to! Glad to know you're ok! I'd say, work you way through those topics in that same order, so Kanebo review first! Really looking forward to the hauls too, though! Take care, xx

  4. Hey :)
    Hppy you are back :D
    I love your blog and all the options you offer us, maybe you could do all the posts.
    Take your time.

  5. Oh God!
    You are all so sweet!! I wish I had the time to write much more these days! I will try to do my best, seriously!!

    Ok, I am going to prepare Kanebo cleansers review and clothes haul for today, in no particular order, and hopefully the other two entries tomorrow.

    Lots of love!!