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    YSL Mascara Singulier

    I absolutely love the new promotional picture for Yves Saint Laurent new mascara: Singulier.
    I know it must have lots of Photoshop, but the effect of makeup on the model is simply awesome!! Her face is lightened and the foundation seems so fresh and so even… I wish I could get that effect with any of the foundations I have got!!
    What would be your makeup products to obtain this vynil effect??
    Lots of love,


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    1. 26 noviembre, 2009 / 16:24

      Yes, I will take her skin, please!!! What a gorgeous gal.

      Fabulous Finds Gal

    2. 26 noviembre, 2009 / 18:08

      oh my gosh she is stunning! i think if you want the effect her skin has, spritz a moisturizing mist or fix+ or something to keep your skin dewy and fresh, and it looks like her face is highlighted too so use a highlighter! 😀

      thanks for the image 🙂 its beautiful 🙂

    3. 30 noviembre, 2009 / 22:51

      wow, amazing! I love YSL makeup products, but they are quite expensive. their concealers and liners are amazing. I love this effect, too- try the Dior sculpt foundation for the best effect!
      have a lovely day, xoxo

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