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Sensilis Glacier Essence

After being using Effaclar Duo for a couple of months now, my skin was severely sensitive and dehydrated. I did some research on the World Wide Web and then I found myself between two options: Givenchy Hydra Sparkling and Sensilis Glacier Essence, for Normal & Combination Skins. After thinking about it for some days, my pocket decided for me, and I chose the less expensive option, which was Sensilis.
(Givenchy’s moisturizer costs around 50€, and Sensilis’ costs 29€).
I have been using Glacier Essence for three days and I must say I like it though I am not impressed. The gelified texture is really appealing, the smell is soft and fresh and it calms my skin instantly. However, I must wait a bit more to write a thorough review.
And, I must say, I am still thinking about Givenchy Hydra Sparkling…
– Packaging: 2/5. I would have gone for a simpler option. Although it contains the typical 50ml, the box is huge and the jar is really heavy. Besides, I always prefer creams with pump, because they are more hygienic. It is a really luxurious packaging.
– Efectivity: 4/5. It really calms and moisturizers my skin, so I am happy with this. The texture is great, a foamy gel thet melts instantly onto skin.
*Tip: I will try putting it into the fridge to obtain a more refreshing felling.

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  1. Pamela
    8 enero, 2010 / 10:02

    Great post! all the stuff on your blog is useful to all netizens who are looking for skin care tips.

  2. Catanya
    8 enero, 2010 / 22:46

    Thank you so so much!!

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