Nails Of The Day!

So today I painted my nails while sunbathing in the beach. How cool is that? :) It has been a lovely sunny day in here, yet very windy.
Although we are getting into the summer, I always love the appearance of nails painted deep black so today I chose my Chanel Le Vernis in Noir Ceramic. It is the loveliest black colour ever, with tiny shiny silver sparkles that reflect the light in a lovely way.

Two coats, and on top, Sally Hansen's Diamond Shine Top Coat for an ultimate shining effect.
The truth is this: on the one hand, the texture is thick enough to only need one coat, but I prefer two to make them more resistant and perfect. On the other hand, it is drying out too fast, I do not think I will be able to paint my nails too many times more, because it is being hard to paint them properly.
Like it?

Polyvore: Surf Rules

Boyfriend is going to start surfinjg and I am constantly day dreaming about that...

Essential Haul at the Chemist's

It was simply necessary for me to buy a new moisturizer. I had been living from samples since I finished Clinique Superdefense a lot time ago and I ran out if the samples just before going on our trip to Lisbon so it was time to get a new one. I was doubting to buy again my adored Avene Tolerance Extreme, a fantastic choice, or trying instead the new moisturizer by La Roche Posay for acne-prone yet dehydrated skin: Effaclar H, a new item from the Effaclar range.

There was an offer at the chemist's by means of which you had to buy two Effaclar products and you would get a 50ml sample of one Effaclar cleansing product, either Effaclar H Mousse, or Effaclar Gel. Since I did not have any travel-size cleanser for the trip, I bought Effaclar H Mousse together with Effaclar H moisturizer and I chose the sample of Effaclar Cleansing Gel to carry to Lisbon.
I have always loved Effaclar cleansing Gel and up to now I am pretty satisfied with Effaclar H. I will write a review after trying it for a longer period of time.

Happy Hectic Lisbon

There could not have been a better celebration for our 9th anniversary. D and I decided to go to one of the most beautiful European capitals: Lisbon, a city that shows its visitors the brutality of the contrast between a glorious and opulent ancient past and the speed of modern life times.
Two days were and were not enough to discover the most popular sightseeing points of the city and even to go on an excursion to magic Sintra as well.
Lisbon surprised me with its amazing oppositions: the cobbled paving of its streets, the endearing wooden streetcars, the glazed tile and yet the avant-garde and the modernity of the financial district, the transport network and the metropolitan cool shopping areas.
Lisbon also surprised me with the character of its multicultural peoples... It is a melting pot of races, colours and appearances all sharing a common factor, which is cheerfulness, peace and a sense of unlimited freedom. People smile everywhere and are ready to help a foreigner.
Lisbon surprises the visitor in countless ways. It seems you have to adapt to the rhythm things happen.

The typical funicular called Elevador Da Gloria takes you up from the PraÇa dos Restauradores to Bairro Alto.

This was my favourite discovered place: the square just in front of the Museo Arqueologico do Carmo, in Chiado. A dream place, full of youth, you can smell those mauve flowers in a beautiful springtime atmosphere.

Photos taken by my particular exclusive photographer. :)

Summer Vanity

This is meant to be a selection of my most loved products for the summer time, those cosmetics that I prefer using with hot weather either because they are fresher or more comfortable than others or because they are thought to serve our purposes in summer, say looking fabulous with very few things.
So these are my favourite products for our particular Summer Vanity:

  • CLINIQUE City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25: What can I say about this solar protector? I cannot live without it as soon as the first sun rays start shining. It is definitely my must-have from early June till last September. It has got a very subtle coloration that covers imperfections, evens skin tone and protects from sunburnt. It is perfect for the beach or pool but also for a day out in town, when you want to avoid makeup and be fully protected (it has got SPF 25, there is also SPF 15 and in some countries, SPF 40 as well) but without renouncing to a good-looking skin.

  • CHANEL Soleil Tan: I really love this collection! It was released in the springtime of the summer of 2008, a series of five different sun powders. I purchased the lightest tone, called 65 Sable D'Or, and the truth is, although I do not think it was the most appropriate for me because it is way too light even though I am quite pale, it has a subtle shimmer that looks great on the skin. It comes with a fantastic double-sized brush, a side is softer, great for the blush area, and the other side is a bit rough, perfect for contouring. You can see the video explaining the product and its application in Chanel website. Did I mention the lovely sand pattern of the powder...?

  • CLINIQUE Long Last Glosswear SPF15: This was also released last summer and I must say that the whole Spring-Summer 2008 collection for Clinique was awesome. I bought the gloss that was in the promotional picture and it has been my favourite gloss so far. I like the hot pink colour and it is very comfortable on my lips. It looks great with a tan.

  • HAWAIIAN TROPIC: And this is my favourite summer brand. I have known their products for a couple of years now and they are great. The best thing about them is their typical coconut smell. It is a delightful scent that reminds me of tropical beaches and dessert islands. I have a lot of their products, from body oil to cucumber after sun and I really love them.

And this is pretty much it! I will continue updating as I get to know more special products for the hot weather...

New Lush Wish List

There are little things in the Internet more pleasant for me than having a look at Lush website. Today, I have found out they have a new product that looks amazing and something I will definitely try soon: it is the newly arrived Grease Lightning, designed to heal spots. So my current Lush Wish List will be as follows:

Grease Lightning

Vanilla Dee-lite

Sugar Babe


Dark Angels


Worst Product of the Month: Johnson's Baby Shampoo

I have talked about Johnson's Baby Shampoo before, in my review of the haircare products I am using at this moment, but some weeks after that, I can definitely tell you this deserves the label of the worst product of the month.
It is practically non-smelly, which is not bad, just ackward for a shampoo. It does not make a lot of foam. But the worst thing of all is the result of it on my hair. Although it is supposed to be a shampoo for babies or kids, it makes my hair look extremely rough and harsh, I hate it!! I need to use lots of conditioner afterwards or a good hair mask... It is quite difficult to work it on my hair, indeed. I am looking forward to finish it but luckily I have almost run out of it...

Nails Of The Day

I am not really a huge fan of nail painting but I decided that today was a good day to paint my nails with a beautiful baby pink nail polish I bought at the drugstore last summer. It was extremely inexpensive and this was the main reason for buying a colour that it is not my favourite for nails. However, the result is quite good and I like it. It would be beautiful for feet as well.
As I tell you, this is from a very cheap drugstore brand called Deliplus. It has got great products and the prices sometimes would make you laugh!

I only put on one coat and here is the result:

My Makeup HGs

Hi girls!
So here comes a list of my top fave products in makeup:

  • PRIMER: Chanel, Le Blanc

  • CONCEALER: La Roche Posay, Unifiance Touch Pro

  • FOUNDATION: Avene, Couvrance

  • POWDER: Chanel, Azalea

  • BLUSH: Mac, Don't Be Shy

  • BRONZER: Nars, Laguna

  • HIGHLIGHTER: Mac, Perfect Topping

  • LIPSTICK: Nars, Galaxy Girl

  • LIPGLOSS: Clinique, Cabana Crush

  • EYE PRIMER: ArtDeco, Base

  • EYESHADOW: Clinique, Apricot Spice

  • EYE PENCIL: Clinique, Cream Shaper in Egyptian

  • MASCARA: Clinique, High Definition Lashes

  • NAIL LACQUER: Chanel, Blue Satin

  • FIX: Mac, Fix+

Nivea Body Spray: Where Art Thou?

Today I remembered the most perfect body moisturizer I have ever had. It is a pitty I have not seen it anymore anywhere because I used to be a huge fan of it. I am talking about Nivea Body Spray, a great light yet highly moisturizing body sprayand totally unexpensive at all. I have just remembered the lovely feeling when applying it after a shower. It absorbed immediately making my skin unbelievably hydrated, soft and kind of glowy, (no shimmer at all, just a healthy appearance). This was a product I used around 2001 and 2002 but as I tell you, I have not seen it anymore. For me, a very lazy girl in body moisturizing matters, it had been the best discovery. I hope I can find it again or at least find something similar. However, even the smell was so particular, so clean and fresh, very Nivea like, but still quite light... yum... good memories from the past.

Solerra Self-Tanning Products

I have received a lovely package from the United States containing a selection of Solerra Self-Tanning products which I am eager to try as soon as possible!
As you may know, my first attempt on the self-tanning project failed, mainly because the weather has been awful recently and this was the main excuse for reconsidering using self-tanning things... But hopefully May will be the perfect month to start with a self-tanning routine, and especially now that I can try Solerra products. I have read really interesting reviews on the net and sadly this is not really available here, but I know it cannot be difficult to buy online if I am satisfied.

You can all have a look at Solerra webpage for some info on the products they sell:

Besides, they have a very interesting blog where they comment on self-tanning processes, tips and tricks, apart from great articles about the damages of careless sun exposure and skin cancer...

I think the most amazing thing of this brand is the idea of using a mitt to apply self-tanning lotion, because I always complain about the mess of getting my hands so dirty or using gloves. I am looking forward to writing a review about that!

If you have tried Solérra Self-Tanning, please do comment on the blog about your experiences.

TBS Honey Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Today I am going to write about a couple of hair care products I was using during last year. They are the Honey Moisturizing Shampoo and the Honey Moisturizing Conditioner from The Body Shop. To be honest, they were my first attempt to take care seriously of my hair. Until then, I had been using cheapy brands like Pantene or Garnier, and I must admit that paying more than double what I paid before was painful but interesting.
The experience with this range of products was pretty good: I was looking for products which would help me with my damaged hair, because I had been experimenting with coloration and I have always had very thin hair. So these products seemed to be good options.
What they promise:


Best if you want to: Say goodbye to dry hair with a creamy shampoo that helps restore moisture and softness for naturally shiny, healthy hair.
Best for: dry, damaged or chemically-treated hair
How it works: Community Trade organic honey moisturizes and conditions hair and adds shine.
Community Trade Brazil nut oil and Community Trade organic olive oil moisturize and soften hair. Wheat and Brazil nut amino acids add moisture, softness and manageability.

Opinion: This shampoo has got a thick texture which makes very little foam. It is really creamy and that is the feeling you get when you apply it to your hair. The most remarkable feature is the amazing smell. The honey scent is awesome and I must add it also smells like caramel. It is delicious! It makes your hair really soft and shiny but it works best in combination with the conditioner from the same range.
Best if you want to: Soothe stressed tresses with a moisturizing conditioner that quenches dry hair to restore softness and shine.
Best for: dry, damaged or chemically-treated hair
How it works: Community Trade organic honey moisturizes and conditions hair and adds shine.
Community Trade bananas from Ecuador, Community Trade Brazil nut oil, Community Trade organic olive oil and Community Trade sesame seed oil moisturize, condition and soften hair. Wheat and Brazil nut amino acids add moisture, softness and manageability.
Opinion: I think that this is really the star, the must-have. The properties of this shampoo are basically hydration and shine but especially a delicious scent. It is more noticeable than in the case of the shampoo, mainly honey, but with a delicate touch of nut oil. It made my hair look really soft and although the scent did not last for a long time, the moment you apply it in the shower it is the yummiest I have ever tried.

Happy Mum's Day!

As you already know, we celebrate Mum's Day on the first Sunday of May, at least where I live.

This is the gift that I bought for her at the department store. It is from Pull and Bear. It was available in red and brown as well but I thought the blue colour was great. It is really practical because it has got lots of space inside although the appearance is flat, which is more comfortable if she wants to carry it inside her bag. However, it can be carried alone as a pretty purse. It even has got a little mirror inside, attached with a thin metal chain. How cute is it?
I must say that she liked it very much.

Neal's Yard Remedies, Wish List

It all began with lovely Bubblegarm blog entries ( She claims this brand works wonders on her beatiful skin and I am terribly curious about it.
In the near future (and as soon as I manage to finish ten products, you know), I am definitely going to give them a try.
I am quite lost about what to choose. According to my current skin condition, which is sensitive, dry yet extremely acne prone, I think these could be the products that would match the best:

What it says:
An enriching scrub for deep cleansing, combining organic honey and mildly exfoliating ground rice with precious neroli essential oil.


A skin toner for problem skin. Organic lavender oil creates this refreshing toner that removes the last traces of cleansers and refines pores to prepare the skin for moisturising. Lavender is restorative to the skin, helping to reduce redness or blemishes.


A classic toner with a mild, woody aroma. Cooling witch hazel refines the pores by slightly tightening the skin. It can also be used in first aid to soothe skin irritations, bites or burns.


A cleansing blend of mahonia, calendula, schisandra and gotu kola.


'This organic gel seems to seal spots to stop them getting worse.' Sunday Times

'Prone to breakouts? Try Neal's Yard Remedies new Organic Mahonia Clear Skin Gel. Its powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties tackle problem areas on young skin and mature skin and restore balance. Best used together with the clear skin formula.' I-on
An effective purifying treatment with antibacterial plant extracts to minimise blemishes and encourage a clearer, fresher complexion. Mahonia, calendula, gotu kola and thyme extracts cleanse the skin and tighten pores, whilst hydrating hyaluronic acid and soothing aloe vera help combat dryness and irritation.


'Used daily, this organic blend of mandarin, ylang ylang, neroli and macadamia seed oil assists with the elimination of toxins from the face while keeping skin supple'-Daily ExpressMade with pomegranate, seabuckthorn, evening primrose and macadamia oils specially chosen for their anti-oxidant and vitamin-rich properties, blended with precious orange flower and mandarin oils. Assists natural cellular regeneration, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and balance moisture levels to restore skin's healthy radiance.

However, I am not very happy with the use of alcohol in the majority of their products, especially because I have sensitive skin and alcohol irritates me. I suppose it is used as a preservative.

Which products do you recommend me?

Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara


Today I am wearing EL Zero Smudge Mascara so I decided to write a quick review about it. The first thing that caught my attention is that it s is quite smelly, at least in comparison with the rest of mascaras I have tried before. It smells slightly as alcohol, so it is a bit weird in this sense. Then, the ink is really fluid. I always start by heating mascaras between my hands for a little while before applying it because on the contrary they are too dry, but in this case, the ink as I say is extremely fluid, so the result is a lot of blackness to your lashes. The mascara really lengthens a great deal, it is spectacular in this sense but I cannot agreet with the "zero-smudge" name. It did give me some smudges and this is the bad side about this mascara. My lashes look weird tight now, not separated and perfecltly combed, but extremely tangled. I hate this effect on my lashes and I always manage to get rid of it by applying a second coat. Not this time, it did not work for me and this mascara.
To sum up, this mascara makes me have skinny spider legs as lashes.

The brush is really simple, nothing comparable to Chanel recently launched Exceptionel (great) or Dior Icone, (lovely).

Fortunately, it is just another sample, 2.8 ml. A good option to be in my bag for touch ups, but not "The" mascara to bear in mind when I need one.
Update: Ok, I hate removing this mascara: when applying eye makeup remover, kind of ink minitubes fall out of my eyes and all over my face. It is such a mess!!

Favourite Product of the Month: Biotherm Sense Foundation

Unfortunately, I am not sure this exists any more. I got it from a swap with a friend a year ago because I had mis-bought Sense Aquaradiance in a too dark tone and I simply could not use it. I cannot remember if Sense Aquaradiance was equally good, but I assume it had to be, because Sense Aquaradiance is supposed to replace Sense.
This foundation is designed for specially combination skins. It neither dries out nor gives oil to skin.
The truth is that it has been my HG foundation during this whole week when I have been working at the department store, and I loved it.
I love Biotherm foundations because they are the best that work for me, with the exception of the new Mat Pure, a foundation I detest.
But BIOTHERM Sense AQUARIADIANCE worked wonders on my skin these days. I have not had to use powder afterwards because my skin did not shine at all even after more than 12 hours of application.
The texture is very fluid and it mixes wonderfully into skin. I used a sponge to apply this and it was the very best method because the result is flawless. Your skin feels naturally covered and only a little amount of concealer is needed to disguise scars and spots.
Non comedogenic and oil-free, it did not cause any problem to my troubled skin.
Besides, blush can be applied without any problem. I had experienced problems with some foundations when applying blush afterwards because it became unnoticeable, as if foundation was too "plastic" to admit powder over it. But this did not happen with Sense.
I also heart the packaging, althoug I had to remove to pump when it stopped dispensing product. Then, I simply took the foundation out with a stick onto my hand.
I had run out of it but I will definitely repurchase. However, I need to use my other foundations first, because they really seem a collection right now.

Lollipop's Project Ten Pan: Running out of...

As you already know, I decided to join Lollipop's project about not buying any makeup product until finishing 10 different things at home, although I extended the idea to any other product such as skincare or hair care.
The project is working on me, since it has been more than a week and I have not bought any makeup or skincare product. This is amazing for my economy and forces me to make the best of the products I already have at home.
Besides, I like listing the products I finish because it is a good reason to write a review about them on the blog. So these are the products I have run out of this week:
  1. Chanel Le Blanc (big sample).
  2. Estee Lauder Hydra Complete moisturizer (big sample).
  3. Lush Flying Fox Gel (100ml).
  4. Lush Vanishing Cream (40ml).
  5. Biotherm Sense Foundation (50ml).

Reviews coming soon!!!

Le Blanc, Chanel


Chanel is one of my favourite brands for makeup. Although it is really expensive, it is very difficult to find an item that I do not like. I could have the whole counter at home. One of my favourite products is the new primer Le Blanc. I have had the opportunity to use a generous sample that has lasted for months, and I am sure that one day or another I will definitely purchase it. This product is an amazing primer. I used it with my foundation brush, just like 5 or 6 drops on my hand and I worked it all over my face. It blends perfectly and your skin looks great, it suddenly has a lovely glow. With some concealer underneath, the result is already incredible. It does not whiten your face at all. But when you apply foundation, you can notice it makes the brush run smoothily. The most remarkable aspect is the glow on your face. Every foundation becomes creamy and the appearance of your face is flawless.

Chanel es una de mis marcas preferidas en cuanto a maquillaje. Sus precios son, en fin, son Chanel. Y es difícil encontrar una sola cosa que no me guste. Podría traerme el stand a casa. Uno de mis productos preferidos es el nuevo primer Le Blanc. He podido probar una minitalla que me ha durado meses y estoy segura de que un buen día me animaré a comprarlo. Es una prebase excelente. La he estado utilizando con una brocha plana, sólo unas 5 ó 6 gotitas en la mano y derecha al rostro. Se extiende fenomenal y la piel queda de cine, como con un brillo especial. Con un poco de corrector, el resultado es asombroso. No blanquea la piel, pero cuando luego aplicas el maquillaje, se puede apreciar como la brocha se desliza más suavemente. Lo más destacable es la luz que le da a la piel. Todas las bases de maquillaje se vuelven más cremosas y la piel queda unificada.

Interesting Tips:
  • I have also used this one mixed with darker foundations to make them lighter and therefore more appropriate for my skin tone. And it really works as well.
  • Let skin absorb primers for at least 5 minutes before applying make-up, so that their properties can properly work.

  • Lo suelo utilizar también mezclado con las bases oscuras para aclararlas cuando no son de mi tono y funciona muy bien.
  • Como con otros primers o "pre-bases", se recomienda dejarlos actuar durante unos 5 minutos antes de aplicar el maquillaje, para que la piel absorba sus propiedades y el resultado sea perfecto
However, I have not got the same opinion about the previous Blanc Universel by Chanel, the solid one in the round pot. It is definitely a bad primer in the sense that it does not work to make your face apparently highlighted. This thick paste does make your face look white like a clown. And then, using foundation afterwards was a really mess: my skin was totally dried out and the result was disgusting. Sadly, I have the full product at home so I need to find a way to make it work properly because I really hate how my face looks like after using this one.

No tengo la misma opinión del antiguo Blanc Universel de Chanel, aquel que era sólido y venía en frasquito redondo. Me fue fatal como primer ya que no le aportaba ningún tipo de efecto luminoso a la piel. Era una pasta espesa que le daba color blanquecino al rostro. Utilizar la base de maquillaje después era un desastre ya que resecaba un poco. Aún me queda producto en casa y tengo que encontrarle algún uso.

Ins & Outs 2: May

  • Enjoying the newly arrived sunshine in the terrace with my parents.
  • Making the most of these longer days: the sun does not set until 9:30pm!
  • Planning wonderful trips abroad with my BF, (although they are difficult to make true).
  • Ice-creams at the new parlor in my street.
  • Helping my teenager cousin with his studies.
  • Planning to go back to university in 5 months.


  • Bills, bills, bills.
  • My tiredness after having worked so much this last week.
  • Skin trouble, again.
  • My laptop is broken!
  • I want to travel a lot but I can not at the moment.
  • Chores.