Perfect Pool Combination

Today has been another lovely sunny day here, maybe to honour the day with the biggest amount of sun light in the year (summer solstice). I decided to go for a non-makeup look despite my current poor skin condition. So, my options were clear, I put on my Clinique Super City Block Sheer SPF25, my dear old summer friend.
I had not used it since last summer and I was right to remember it as my favourite option regarding facial sunscreen. Without any makeup, City Block evens out my skin, covers the biggest pores and hides a big deal of my redness. It is obviously not as perfect as a foundation or even as a tinted moisturizer and the truth is that I do not really know how it works.
Besides, I had the opportunity to try Chanel lip gloss in Bonbon shade, which is an amzing nude-pink shade, really long-lasting.
On my nails, Chanel Blue Satin, a wonderful denim blue or ink blue nail polish with very tiny blue sparkles.
And my outfit of the day was also very casual, a deep blue dress from Primark, a white bikini from New Yorker and beachy black trainers. Nothing else needed to feel good on the grass. Ok, my black sun planet sunglasses.

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I went back to the chemist's at the beginning of June for the antibiotic that a dermatologist recommended me last year. It worked wonders on my skin from January to March 2008: the following day after the very first application, my skin was even out and my spots shrank. Some days afterwards, most of the spots had virtually disappeared.
Nowadays I am suffering from a very bad breakout, so I was desperate to find a fast cure for the newcome spots and pimpoles. I also have those ones which really hurt on my cheeks. They are painful and totally ugly.

But this was last year and unfortunately I am not getting the same good results now. On the contrary, the spots exagerately multiplied and the redness increased. I am also experimenting extreme dryness since the fifth day. I am using it moderately morning and night and I must wait for two months to see improvements, or at least that is what the box says.

Tag: What were you thinking on your last crazy haul?

I have been tagged by Consuela, (you can find her blog here:


Everyone’s had em I suppose: mental breakdowns. This post is about the most common form of mental breakdownwomen suffer from, it’s called the crazy haul breakdown. Let’s just be clear about the definition of a crazy haul upfront. Spending a lot of money and buying unnecessary products don’t constitute haul madness. A crazy haul is when a haul has been committed at the least appropriate time in your life: this can be while you just filed for bankruptcy, while you need to be studying hard when you are actually online shopping in the mean time or the worst kind: you haul because you just committed a crazy haul and you’re depressed about it and what do you do when you’re depressed…exactly! This tag is about the hauls that have made us feel guilty and abused by our lack of self-discipline. The questions are honest and confronting mind you this tag is not for the fainthearted. If you have been tagged it’s because I follow your blog and I like what read. There are ten questions.

When was your last crazy haul: It was a couple of weeks ago...

How did you feel afterwards: I felt stupid because I did not even know if my selection would work as properly as the old one, so I thought it had been a complete waste of money.

What did you buy and why: I run out of my adored makeup remover Take The Day Off by Clinique and I decided I would go for a less pricey option. So I chose one by La Roche Posay and I was then induced to complement it with the biggest thermal water spray available, so I ended wasting the same amount of money.

Why was this a bad haul: It was a bad haul because my idea was to save money by changing my common makeup remover and I could not save any money.

How did this haul start: It all started with a visit to a huge chemist's store, where I could stay for a long time watching lots of products by brands I love such as La Roche Posay, Avene, Galenic...

When did it all start to crumble: As soon as I had payed.

Consequences of the crazy haul: I am broke again, haha.

What will it take to tame the beast: As always, I have to think things twice and consider the consequences. Also take a calculator or something to be aware of the final amount of money...
Why did you do or start the Tag: I find it interesting to analyse the reasons that forced me into my last haul, although it was not a big or very interesting one...

I tag: Every girl who regrets her last haul!

Toilet Bag on the Beach

So this is the whole lot I take with me whenever I go to the beach or pool:
  • Body sunscreen: Hawaiian Tropic Professional Bronzing Lotion SPF6. It absorbs UVA, UVB & IR with aloe vera, papaya and mango, ant it is waterproof.
  • Face sunscreen: Clinique Super City Block Sheer SPF25. An oil free daily face protector.
  • a comb (local drugstore) and a mirror (H&M),
  • Lip balm: Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm.
  • Make up remover lingettes (local drugstore).
  • Hair care: The Body Shop Brazil Nut Dry Oil Mist for Dry Skin.
  • big fuchsia toilet bag from local drugstore.

Mascara Collection

From top to bottom and left to right:
  • Chanel brushes for lashes and brows.
  • Bourjois Pump Au Volume.
  • Pinaud transparent.
  • Yves Saint Laurent sample.
  • Pinaud vintage box.
  • Clinique High Definition Lashes.
  • Dior Diorshow Blackout, sample.
  • Dior Iconic, sample.
  • Chanel Inimitable, sample.
  • Chanel Exceptionel, sample.
  • Clinique High Impact, sample.
  • Estee Lauder Sumptuous, sample.
  • Clarins Wonder Volume, sample.
  • Deliplus (local brand), sample.
  • Margaret Astor, transparent.
  • Bourjois, mauve.
  • Zara Cosmetics, deep green.

Biotherm Matte Pur


I was looking forward to trying Biotherm Matter Pur, the newest foundation by Biotherm, when it came out last year. I bought it mainly for the advertisemente claimings that said that thanks to the lemon extract and other healing and anti-septic ingredients especially designed to treat blemished skin, this was a mixture of makeup and treatment: you would be wearing foundation that would be working on your skin to fight against spots and oiliness. This fact had been something I had been looking for in foundations since I first started my interest about cosmetics.
But the results have been quite disappointing.
I bought it in the second shade available because the first one was terribly pinkish, but my choice was wrong because the aspect this foundation gives to my skin is, in a word: dirty.
The texture is too thick and it does not blend properly and the application is messy. Besides, I have not found the perfect tool for this because nothing seems to work well.
I do not doubt the formulation is great, but the result as a foundation is unsatisfactory.

Biotherm Light! Foundation

Image from Amazon

This has been my favourite foundation for years. I have used several bottles of this, always in shade 415 and I am sure I wil always try to have one on the shelf. The name can be misleading because the coverage is not that "light". Instead, it covers everything perfectly without a cakey, thick mask effect on your face. The name "Light" comes then from the effect of that healthy look it gives to your skin. There is nothing shimmery at all, but just a sheer finish that makes your skin look virtually flawless.

Although shade 415 is rather on the pink side, it is the best match for my skin tone as the next one is too dark.

Up to now, it is my favourite foundation by Biotherm; I have also tried Sense, which I also recommend (read my review here), and Pur Matte, which I do not like so much (review here).

Light has not given me any problems with oiliness or spots, it is oil free and non-comedogenic.
For a full coverage, I always use a sponge, but Light is also worked on wonderfully when applied with your fingers.

DiorSkin Pure Light

DiorSkin Pure Light is a great foundation by Dior. I particularly like Dior foundations because you can easily find light shades. In this case, I have got the lightest available, number 200. The best thing about Pure Light is undoubtedly the radiant effect it gives to your skin. This foundation contains micropigments which reflect light and thus your skin glows in a natural yet noticeable way. This is so evident that it results to be very bad for photography: shots show a total reflection of flash on cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. So you have to be very conscious about this or you would seem a lantern in the middle of the night...

Another disadvantage I found about Pure Light is that, at the end of the day, it sinks onto my pores and virtually disappears. I think that the reason for this is that this is a foundation especially designed for combination or oily skins, and mine is quite dehydrated all the time, so my skin absorbs it very quickly and then the fantastic previous glow fades away.

Unfortunately, DiorSkin Pure Light is being discontinued at the moment. It can only be found at some stores now but I do not think they would be there for a long time. Dior has decided that the new DiorSkin Nude is going to be the replacement, but I do not agree at all with that,
This is, among other things, because Pure Light is the only oil free foundation by Dior; Nude is not oil free.

To sum up, if you are lucky and you can still find Pure Light somewhere, go for it if you have got combination or oily skin, but you can definitely skip it if your skin is rather on the dry side.
The coverage is extremely light and the texture is really liquid. The smell is very soft and delicate. I have found out that the best tool to apply this is a sponge.

Take care!

Foundation Collection

Hi there!
It has been a while since my last entry; it has been a weird week and I was not in the right mood to write...
Today I want to show you my foundation collection. As my favourite cosmetic product is foundation, I am always trying new items and I am always looking for the perfect one. I have not been lucky yet, though :(
I will be reviewing each of them soon, but if you need a review of any of them now, please leave a comment.

Here it goes:

From left to right:

On the second shelf:

You can read my other foundation reviews here:

Running out of: Sunscreen

Since last Thursday, the weather has been so hot and sunny that BF and I have been going to the beach morning and afternoon. I always leave the remainings of last summer sun creams for these unprepared days in which we decide to take the car and spend the day out in the sun. So these days I have run out of these two sun creams: Hawaiian Tropic Sensitive SPF 20 and La Roche Posay AntHelios XL Spray SPF50+ for Face and Body.

I loved both of them. As you perhaps know already, La Roche Posay is one of my favourite brands for skincare, and Hawaiian Tropic is my best choice for body sun products.

  • La Roche Posay AntHelios XL SPF50+ comes in a 125ml spray and it is really good for fragile zones of my body such as the back, the stomach and the chest. I have suffered from sun intolerance in the past and I have to be very careful with sunburnt, especially on my back. This is a white liquid, very liquid that absorbs immediately and is practically non-smelly if only sometimes I notice it smells like milk or cream. As a plus, it is non-comedogenic: when I have forgotten my facial sunscreen at home and I have had to use this one on my face, I had no problems with break outs, only a bit of shine, but I would say it is perfectly suitable for face and body. I must say that the only disadvantage is that it is only 125ml of product, so you run out of it really fast. Especially if you take into account that it is recommended that we have to use the equivalent to 20gr of suncream to cover our body every time we sunbathe, the quantity is ridiculous. So, to sum up, it ends being quite expensive.

  • Hawaiian Tropic Sensitive Protective Sun Spray SPF20 comes in a bottle of 200ml. It is a really good product although I think I will not repurchase. The reason is simple that it has nothing special for a Hawaiian Tropic product, and I have to explain myself: We do not find this coconut paradise-island typical smell of other Hawaiian Tropic products I have tried. So well, it is a white lotion with SPF 20 that is similar to the rest out there in the market. So I think I am going to try another new SPF20 suncream this time; I am thinking of Clinique's new range of solar products but, as always, I will do some research first and, as usual, I will keep you informed.

So this is it at the moment, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine!