Chanel Autumn 2009

Hi ladies of the blogsphere!
How is your week going? Actually I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at my new job. I just come home exhausted and I am getting used to getting up so early and doing something. I wanted to write some entries yesterday but I just was not in the mood!

The best thing about my job is that I can try some products while I am working, basically makeup related, and fragances. That is why these days I have added some items to my wish list while others have been seriously discarded.

I wanted to share my view on some Chanel products while I am working at the Chanel counter, especially the ones that are being launched right now.

So last week they received the Fall Season makeup line and these are my impressions:
Overall, I can say I am not thrilled to this collection. I found it dull and simple. Seriously Lancome or Clarins Autumn collections are much more impressive!
You can see here all the new products and some of my notes on those produces I have already tried:

- Eye Gloss:
I tried this and it was disappointing. They have very little pigmentation. Only sparkles remained on my eyelid. I did not like the colours either: Or, Perle, Rouge Noir and Noir. They are supposed to be applied with a foam or with your fingers, but, as I said, they were not really good. I mean, what was Chanel thinking?

- Rouge Allure:
Six new shades
73: Clandestine,
74: Comedia (the only one I actually tried, and it does not suit me at all... Besides, I found it quite drying.)
75: Amusing,
76: Captive,
77: Intuitive,
78: Instinctive.
These colours are all in the reddish side and I do not like them at all...

- Le Crayon Lèvres:
in a new shade, 35 Praliné D'Or, ( I did not try it, sorry but I do not use lip liner).
- Irreelle Duo:
78 Acqua Alta.

This one is beautiful, but if you already know the quarted named Smokey Eyes, it is just the same shades. I have to know, though, that the pigmentation of these duo is much better than the one of my quartet. Quartets in Chanel are not very famous as they are very dry and it is hard to put any colour on your eyelids...

- Les 4 Ombres:
16 Murano.
Only sparkles and no colour when I used this. I have tried the darkest green in combination with the pink one and the result was awful, sorry.
- Le vernis:
499 Gondola,
501 Intermezzo
Have you seen my last review on Mavala Lotus nail polish? Ok, so now you know how Intermezzo looks like...
- Poudre Douce:
80 Peche Caresse
I will try to test this one in the following days. :)

- Joues Contraste
58 Fresque

I tried this one on my hand only and the colour is difficult to see... It just does not seem a blush, it is so so natural that you can hardly see it.

- Les Tissages de Chanel
50 Tweed Sienna

Oh my... this item is absolutely LOVE. I put this on my cheeks today and I just cannot wash my face now because I love how it looks like! It is amazingly gorgeous. It makes my cheeks just pop, so beautiful! One of the loveliest blushes I have ever tried. Besides, the pigmentation is really good! I just tapped the blush and voila!! Beautifully sun-kissed, coralish cheeks! It has got tiny golden shimmer, but very very subtle.

- Stylo Eclat Lumiere
20 Beige Clair
This is another item I will be testing soon :)
- Mat Lumiere
20 Clair

This foundation already existed, I do not know why they are promoting it for the autumn season... It is the latest foundation by Chanel and I am looking forward to trying it as I am an absolute foundation fan.

And so this is pretty much it up to now! I will continue writing about things I discover...

NOTD: Mavala Lotus

This is the Lotus Nail Color Pearl.

My mum bought this new nail polish for a wedding we attended to some weeks ago and I loved it. I have tried this on today and the results are awesome. It is the first time I try Mavala nail polishes and I am impressed. The colour is really beautiful and my nails were dry very fast. I only put one coat because I like this colour applied very light. This nail polish was really cheap (they come in mini bottles of 5ml) and I am looking forward to trying other colours.

The brand comes fro Switzerland and it is very famous here for the amazing range of colours. (You can see the full palette of the mini nail polishes here:
And you can visit their general website here (, they also sell other beauty products.

Guest Post: Superficial Girls

I am sitting on the bus to run some errands. Besides me, there is a girl in her early 20s, perhaps younger, whose bag attracts all the ladies' glances. She is carrying a Chanel. I do not know the exact name of that model; I can only see the double C logo,the golden chain and the outstanding Chanel style. A phone rings with the last disco hit and she takes an Iphone from her bag. She is carrying some books and papers on a Tous folder and she is reading the last Vogue magazine, launched yesterday.
She is not particularly stunning, her hair is not done, she wears no makeup and her clothes and shoes just do not match but despite all this she is an icon. I can see she cares about fashion and maybe she is a blogger too.
In this bus, today, I saw a fashion victim.

icon by Catanyasthings featuring Chanel clutches

This entry aims to be part of the GuestPost series that Carlinn is hosting in her blog:

Foundation Review: Avene Couvrance

I am going to write about the cream-compact foundation by Avene, Couvrance. I have got it in two shades, "Ivory" and "Doré" and the truth is that I cannot use "Doré" because it is extremely dark for me but I can use "Ivory" if I blend it correctly on my skin. Actually, I would have to use "Porcelain" and this will probably be my next purchase when I finish "Ivory", because I think that one would be the perfect match.

Hoy me gustaría escribir una reseña sobre la base de maquillaje de Avene, "Couvrance", en formato crema compacta. Tengo dos tonos de esta base, "Ivory" y "Doré" y lo cierto es que no puedo usar "Doré" ya que es demasiado oscura pero "Ivory" se adapta bastante mejor a mi tono de piel. Tras haber ido probando, creo que mi tono ha de ser "Porcelain", quizás el más similar al NW20 de MAC. 

The good thing about this foundation is its coverage because it is definitely full without being cakey. Besides, it is not totally matte at all, (I do not like absolutely matte foundations). In this picture you can see "Doré" on the left and "Ivory" on the right.
I have found out that this foundation is best applied with a foundation brush. I am nowadays using Sephora's foundation brush and it works perfectly with this product. You can also use a sponge and in this case I would recommend that you use it a bit wet because this makes the application smoother and the foundation blends better.
It is definitely a good purchase if you are looking for a foundation that covers every blemish or imperfection of your skin and you do not even need to use concealer with it.
Besides, it is oil free and non-comedogenic. You can find it at the chemist's. Avene is a brand that can quite easily be found in Europe but the truth is that I am not so sure about its availability in the rest of the world. I would be interested in knowing about this issue, please comment if you want.

Chanel World

I will be working at a Chanel counter in a big department store for three weeks. Yay! I am so happy I finally got a job, and in Chanel! Unfortunately, I will be getting no free stuff nor even discount, as it is only temporary...

Trabajar para Chanel: 3 semanas. Síi!! Estoy muy contenta de haber conseguido trabajo en Chanel!!! No es que me vaya a tener "barra libre" ni descuento, ya que es sólo temporal, pero ¡Aún así!

There is something about Chanel that has always attracted me. A sort of magnetism coming outof that glossy black with the double "C"...

Hay algo de Chanel que siempre me ha atraído. Ese magnetismo saliente de las famosas letras "C" cruzadas ...

Karl Lagerfield:

Chanel Couture:


Claudia Schiffer for Chanel:
(All pictures from Google)

Chanel is
for me...

Nars Blushes

I have a very modest collection of Nars blushes at the moment. Only three little babies live in my closet. I found out about Nars only about one year ago or so and, being it not available here, I can only rely on Ebay or online stores to get products.
These are also my most loved blushes right now.
- Taj Mahal
- Taos
- Orgasm
The first picture is quite reliable and realistic. The colours are amazingly bright and the pigmentation is extraordinary. But you must know all this already as a makeup fan!

Keel's Simple Diary

I found this today in Kara's blog (, and I loved it. I wanted to share this with you. For a lot of years, since I was 10 years old and until I was 16, I wrote diaries. First, they were lovely notebooks especially designed as little girls' diaries but I ended writing in any simple notebook I bought at the nearest bookshop.
Keeping a diary was extremely useful as I did not have any brothers or sisters and my house was often empty and silent. In those times without games console, computers and the Internet, reading and writing and painting were my favourite passtimes.
I have continued writing from time to time and this blog was the perfect excuse to continue my hobby and kind of therapy as well.

I loved writing about exciting things that happened to me and about how I felt every single day.
I even keep those diaries nowadays but I do not like re-reading the things I wrote when I was a child because in a sense I feel embarrased. It is like watching myself in a film and living again all my life.

And all this has come to my mind because I found this website about a diary and I found it lovely. It is designed to help people to start writing their diary.

You can check their website here:
I am going to purchase one once they are available here as it seems they are out of stock right now. I am possibly buying the chocolate one because I find it so vintage!

Chanel Hydramax Active Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

I have been using a big sample of Hydramax Tinted Moisturizer SPF15 by Chanel recently and here is my point of view on it.

I am not particularly fond of tinted moisturizers because I have always thought they make pores dirty and they stick to skin more than foundation because they work as a moisturizer, I am not sure this is actually possible but that is my sort of paranoid on that.

Having watched Anna Saccone's videos on youtube ( and her amazing pics and also the ones by Bubblegarm ( ) as well as reading their blog entries made me think about the possibility of changing my current hated powder foundation routine by some tinted moisturizer as they do. And then the big sample by Chanel just came to my hands.

Of course and as usual, the shade is too dark for me (number 20, Golden), so I had to mix it with La Roche Posay Effaclar H moisturizer and then the blend was applied to my skin.

Surprisingly enough, the result was all right: the dewy, even, slightly tanned finish I had always dreamt of. The cons were it was not as even as I wanted so I used some powder afterwards to set the whole lot on. I used Clinique Almost Powder Makeup in shade number 3, by the way. That helped a lot, the brush just mixed all onto my face.

Some Nars Laguna later and the makeup result was really acceptable, and my face showed a really nice makeup.

I will continue using this these days so I will tell you how it all goes and if it breaks me out or anything.

Updated info:
I forgot to mention that this moisturizer has the typical smell of other Chanel skincare products. It contains fragance and the first time I used it, it was quite uncomfortable but now I got used to it and I do not notice it anymore.

Updated SkinCare Routine


The most outstanding news at the moment is the great amount of stress I am going through. I am experimenting a degree of anxiety that ends up in a lot of imperfections on my skin and my fingers touching and squeezing spots and pimples.
I hope this all ends soon, I hope a new era begins soon and I can embrace some new happiness.
So, this is what I am using at the moment:


  1. La Roche Posay Effaclar Mousse.

  2. Biotherm Source Therapie Serum (as moisturizer)
  3. La Roche Posay Unifiance Touch Pro concealer (my HG concealer of all times)


  1. La Roche Posay Physiologic Cleansing Gel as makeup remover

  2. La Roche Posay Effaclar Gel

  3. Neostrata Gel Forte Salycilic (a combo of salycilic and glycolic acid to try to get rid of new spots and the existing scars.

August 8th 2009

I have a wedding this Saturday.
This is going to be similar to my outfit on that day. Pretty simple. I am not sure about the white shoes and clutch. I am thinking of black ones, but I doubt whether it would be too serious for a wedding...
What would you add/remove/change?

And this one will be pretty much my mum's outfit on that day:

Tender Moments

I wanted to post these two pictures because I find them pretty. Hope you like them ;)

This was a present from my lovely sister-in-law. She went on holiday with her family to the southern coast of France and she brought us this beautiful box with the typical Marseille soaps. They smell wonderfully and they are beautiful!!
I must say that the red one (red wine smell) is the one that has the strongest smell. The purple is blackberry and it is so yummy!! The black one is poppy.

And this is my modest tea set. The tea cups were a gift from my grandma, they are really vintage! And the teapot was a gift from my aunt. BF and I were having a delicious strawberry black tea. I love tea and the ritual attached to it.

Holiday Skincare and Makeup

My Skincare During the Holidays:

I followed a different routine during my July holidays in what respects to skincare and makeup.
- In the morning, I washed my face with La Roche Posay Effaclar Mousse, which, as I have written before, is an extremely soft cleanser. Then I used Avene Solar Emulsion Oil-free SPF 50, which is a very good sunscreen for acne prone skin. It is a bit thick and it leaves a sort of whitish shade on the face but it does not break me out and it totally prevented my skin from sunburnt. After some time at the beach bathing in the sea, I applied Clinique Super City Block SPF 25 on top.

- At night, I used La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel to get rid of the solar filters, then the LRP Mousse and then I made my makeup because went out every night. Back again, I just double cleaned again before going to sleep.

I have to say that my skin condition improved a lot during the holidays. It must have been the Mediterranean sea water and the sun because most of my scars faded away and I hado no new spots. even my body felt soft and moisturized like never before.

It could also be because I drank lots of water to combat the hot weather and I did not eat unhealthy food or sweets.

So it was probably the combination of these three factors: the sea water, simplicity in my skincare routine and a more healthy diet. I think that the lack of stress was relevant as well. As soon as I got home, I started touching my face and squeezing spots. So I have new blemishes now.

My Makeup During the Holidays:
As what respects to my night-time makeup, it barely consisted of:

- Avene Couvrance Cream Compact in shade Doré.
- Nars The Multiple in St. Barts for contouring and Copacabana as highlighter.
- Nars The Multiple in South Beach as blush
- Nars Viva Las Vegas lipstick
- Clinique Black Diamond eye pencil in waterline
- ArtDeco eyeshadows in white, brown or purple depending on clothes

Andalucia Style

First of all, sorry for the lack of posts recently; I am going thorugh a difficult phase in my life and sad things have happened. I am trying to recover now and focus on the happy side of my life. I have lots of entries written on my notebook so I want to start posting them asap.

As this aims to be a beauty-related blog, I would like to mention the inspirational aspects of my trip to Andalucia.

In terms of beauty, I could appreciate that the trend was sun tanning. Every single girl and woman, whatever their nationality, showed a beautiful and attractive bronze colour. But I have to say that quite a lot of them were terribly sunburnt. I will tell you about that in a different entry, because it was scary.
When talking about hair, the style was bleached blonde hair, short or long, straight or wavy, but sexy blonde hair, (really Aguilera-Momsem-Gaga style).
Tanned skin + blonde hair reminded me so much of the lovely Californian style.

As what respects to makeup, I noticed that during the day, girls wore no make up at all or it was extremely natural. At night, it was also natural yet sophisticated: lots of black mascara, reddish/coral lipstick and shimmery blush. Bronzer was a must but it ws difficult to distinguish it from the natural tan. As I said, many girls wore no make up at all, but healthy moisturized glowy skin.
Moving towards style and fashion girls wore during the day beautiful and colourful dresses, sometimes maxi, but most often mini, and metallic flip flops. Also lots of denim mini skirts, white outfits and fluor tees. At the beach, I loved electric blue, silver and animal print bikinis. But I must say that almost every girl was topless and wore a thong.

At night, things changed and glamour came out. I could admire the street style in Puerto Banus because girls there wore luxurious outfits.

So that was pretty much it! A lot of glam and street style. Of course, this is just a generalization and always seen from my point of view.