When my mood is not at all happy but just the opposite, I need to have in mind the things which make me happy.

  • Pol

Pol is the lovelist cat in the world, he is always ready to play or have a nap with me. He is sweet, soft and cute, he is always at home and always says hello when I get home.

  • The Sun and the Rain
I need sunny days, I guess like all of us do. But the things that can be done under the sun make me so happy: sunbathing, swimming, picnics, holydays, summer dresses and flip-flops, the smell of sunscreen and lots of daylight hours.

However, I am a rain girl. I love rainy days when there is a big storm and I am feeling cozy at home, with a blanket and watching and listening to the rain. When I am depressed, walking under the rain calms me down, and my tears can be mistaken for raindrops...

  • Tea & Chocolate & Coke

This is typical I am afraid... But I just can turn a hard moment into a nice one by means of a cup of delicious flavoured black tea and lots of chocolate. If it is cold, change the tea for a chilled coke.

  • Pampering myself

It can be with a long, full of bubbles, bath, dressing up for a special occasion, putting my make up on to go out...

Ok, now I would like you to write a comment and tell me the thing that makes you the happiest person in the world. That would make me happier today!

I have Sinned... Haul

Yes I know I am on a budget...

But there are so many interesting blogsales out there that it is simply impossible to avoid the "click" button...

I have restricted shopping OUTSIDE, but nobody said anything about buying online... *kidding*.
These are my most recent adquisitions:

This is Chanel Soleil Tan Les 4 Facettes, the bronzing powder Chanel releases this summer as Limited Edition, which is no longer available in shops!

  • And from Zoella: http://www.schoee.blogspot.com/, I got Mac Blankety lipstick! You will not believe it, but this will be my first lipstick from Mac... yes... it is true...

As soon as I receive them I will post my own pictures and review both!
Have you got any of these? Do you like them?


Facial Cleansers

This is a summary of the facial cleansers I have used:

  1. Clinique Take The Day Off Balm:
  2. Kanebo Sensai Silk Cleansing Oil:

  3. L'oreal:

  4. La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Water:

  5. La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel:

  6. La Roche Posay Toleriane Cleansing Milk
  7. Avene Lotion for Intolerant Skin:
  8. Lush

  9. Lancaster Milk
  10. Mac Rinse Off Oil
  1. Clinique Mild Facial Liquid Soap:

  2. Kanebo Mud:

  3. Avene Cleanance:

  4. La Roche Posay Effaclar Gel:

  5. La Roche Posay Effaclar Mousse:
  6. Biotherm Aquasource:

  7. Biotherm Biopur:

  8. Mac Green Gel:

  9. Lush Fresh Farmacy
  10. Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Soap

  11. Neutrogena Deep Clean

  12. Clean & Clear Morning Burst

  13. Clean & Clear

  14. Ponds Jojoba

  15. Clarins Exfoliant Cleanser
  16. Shiseido Pureness

  17. Eucerin Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin

Feel free to ask for a review on any of them.

La Roche Posay: Effaclar Gel vs Effaclar Mousse

La Roche Posay offers different products as a solution for cleansing/washing time for oily, acne-prone skins yet sensitive. I have talked before about how much I love LRP products and especially the whole Effaclar range, with the exception of the moisturizer called Effaclar H, which I hated...
Anyway, in terms of cleansing, you have to choose between:
  • Cleansing Gel
  • Mousse
  • Purifying Water

Bear in mind that I have already written about the Purifying Water and its pros and cons. But summarizing the whole lot, let me tell you that it is thought of as a makeup remover and it does not work properly. You will spend tons of product if you are wearing more than concealer and tinted moisturizer, for example. Yes, it is delightful as it is pure water, and nothing else, what you put on your skin. It should be perfect for morning cleansing but I still prefer a rinse-off cleanser anyway, so my opinion is biased with this one and I will not repurchase. The truth is that I ended using this as a toner, after cleansing my skin with any other product and I did not like it either.
But turning now to rinse-off products, which are the gel and the mousse, we have to take into account the following aspects:
  1. The EFFACLAR Mousse is especially designed for acne prone irritated skins, for example, undergoing medical treatment. This foam is a good product if you have very dry and sensitive skin but you still have problems with pimples and spots. It works pretty much as hair mousse. You just put that onto skin and you massage a little bit. I say: it is enough for morning cleansing but I find it insufficient for nightime routine if you wear makeup. The best aspect is that it is so gentle. The smell is a bit weird, maybe because of the gas it contains to work as a mousse. Besides, it does not last for a long time.

  2. The EFFACLAR Gel is a wonderful cleansing product. It leaves your face with a great fresh and pure feeling afterwards. It is usually compared to Avene Cleanance Gel but I do not agree at all since the Avene version tightened my skin so badly and I never had that problem with the Effaclar. The worst aspect is that it takes a lot of product to make foam but I have good news: I repurchases this product yesterday and it has a new formula and packaging. It comes now in a 200ml container instead of the 150ml older version and now, it easily makes foam and smells better!

So, to sum up, I will always recommend the Gel version if you are looking for a good cleansing product for acne-prone skin which does not irritate or tighten your skin but leaves you with the feeling of having removed all the impurities and dirtiness.

Lush Vanishing Cream Review

Picture from Amazon

I bought this one just because I read a lot of amazing comments on the net about it. People was raving about Vanishing Cream all over the world, girls with acne prone or combination to oily skin.
I was especially attracted by and interested in the list of ingredients of this moisturizer: Can you imagine? Lavender Honey Water, Organic Jojoba Oil, Honey, Witch Hazel Extract, Fair Trade Shea Butter... just to name a few of them. These ingredients are said to work very well to moisturize your skin but without adding any oiliness. Lush describes Vanishing Cream as a "Low-Fat Moisturizer", and I have to say it certainly is.

Pedí esta crema ya que había leído excelentes reviews sobre ella. La gente hablaba maravillas acerca de la Vanishing Cream, exaltando sus beneficios para aquellas personas de piel mixta-grasa y con tendencia acnéica, o simplemente, propensas a las imperfecciones.
Lo que más me atrajo de ella fue la lista de componentes de esta hidratante. ¿Podéis creerlo? Lavanda, miel, aceite orgánico de jojoba, manteca de karité... sólo por mencionar unos pocos. Dichos ingredientes auguraban una muy buena hidratación de la piel sin añadir grasa extra. Lush describe a la Vanishing Cream como "La Hidratante Baja en Grasas" y debo decir que así es.

On the first application, my skin felt extremely relaxed. The Lavender scent is the most remarkable fragance, and, as you know, it is really relaxing. I started using this at night but then I also used it as my daytime creme. It is an excellent foundation base. No shine at all, but a great matte effect. Imperfections and redness seem to "vanish" a little bit in the sense that this creme calms your skin and the redness goes away.

Tras la primera aplicación, sentí mi piel relajada. El aroma predominante de esta crema es la lavanda, que, como ya sabéis, es muy relajante en aromaterapia. Empecé usándola por las noches pero con el tiempo se convirtió también en mi hidratante de día. Es una crema que se absorbe rápidamente, permitiendo que apliquemos el maquillaje, y deja una apariencia matificada, sin brillos. Las imperfecciones y rojeces parecen esfumarse un poco, debido, probablemente a la acción de los ingredientes más calmantes.

I have run out of it now and I will certainly repurchase soon. It has lasted me quite a lot of time, although it is 40ml instead of 50ml as most moirturizers are.
I recommend it a lot if you suffer from oily skin and need a really moisturizing yet oil-free and shine-free creme.

Me acabo de quedar sin ella pero sin duda la volveré a comprar pronto. Me ha durado bastante a pesar de que trae 40ml en lugar de los 50ml a los que estamos acostumbradas. Os la recomiendo si tenéis la piel más bien grasa pero estáis buscando una crema que hidrate pero que sea libre de grasas y aceites.

Updated Skincare Routine (and Loving it!)

I can finally say I have found my "perfect" skincare routine, the one that has not broken me out for like a month now!! I am so happy to say that my skin is not having almost any pimples now! I am still having a lot of trouble in getting rid off old scars and redness but that will take me so long...

These are the products I am using right now:


  • La Roche Posay Effaclar Cleansing Mousse

  • Chanel Active + Teinted Moisturizer in 20 Bronzelit, mixed with Avene Tolerance Extreme moisturizer to obtain a lighter shade.

  • La Roche Posay Touch Pro concealer.

  • As for make up, Clinique Almost Powder make up + Nars Laguna is my perfect combo these days.


  • My new Mac Rinse Off Oil to remove make up (review written previously this month).

  • La Roche Posay Effaclar Cleansing Gel.

  • Anti spots treatment: Zindaclin on my cheeks.

I.C.O.N hair products / Cuidados para el cabello I.C.O.N


Hello ladies of the blogsphere!
How are you doing these days?
I am a bit worried about my hair. I have been dying it blonde lately and it is now dry and damaged. I would like to start taking serious care of it soon and I am thinking of buying some I.C.O.N hair products, since they work with them at my hairdresser's salon.
Right now I do not need shampoo and I have heat protector and serum by Kerastase, so I am thinking more about some conditioner or hair mask, but I am absolutely lost. My hair is very thin and mid-lenght.
I would love some comments on I.C.O.N products, sweethearts.

UPDATE 15/09/09

I went to the hairdresser's this morning to have my hair highlighted (blonde as usual) and cut, and I also had a haircare treatment with I.C.O.N products. My hair is now better than ever before, I love the feeling of my hair recently done and so hydrated. I could not resist buying a treatment: it is called Inner Home and it is a hair mask supposed to be applied at night before going to sleep. It is absorbed by your hair completely so that you do not have a wet feeling all over your head when sleeping. I have to heat it a tiny bit in the microwave and then apply it to my hair and the following morning, rinse off completely and wash my hair as usual.
I am looking forward to trying it!!

Hola ladies de la blogoesfera!!
¿Cómo estáis estos días?
Estoy un poco preocupada por mi pelo. He estado tiñéndolo de rubio últimamente y está seco y castigado. Me encantaría empezar a cuidarlo seriamente y estoy pensando en comprar algunos de los productos de I.C.O.N, ya que trabajan con ellos en mi peluquería.
Ahora mismo no necesito champú y tengo el protector termal y el serum de Kerastase, así que estoy pensando más bien en acondicionadores y mascarillas, pero estoy un tanto perdida. Mi pelo es muy fino y lo tengo por los hombros.
Me encantaría que me habláseis un poco sobre I.C.O.N, guapísimas.


He ido esta mañana a la peluquería, a teñir de rubio como de costumbre y cortar un poco, y me han aplicado un tratamiento con productos I.C.O.N. Mi pelo está mejor que nunca; me encanta la apariencia que tiene ahora recién arreglado e hidratado. No he podido resistirme a comprar un tratamiento que se llama Inner Home, y es una mascarilla capilar que se puede aplicar antes de ir a dormir. El cabello la absorbe totalmente por lo que no sientes sensación de humedad. Se puede calentar un poco en el microondas antes de aplicarla y a la mañana siguiente se aclara totalmente y se lava el pelo como de costumbre.
¡Estoy deseando empezar a usarla!

Les Noirs by Chanel 2009

Chanel is launching a collection based on "the" colour: black.

I just cannot imagine us all wearing black lips, apart from Halloween. I wish I was so courageous but I just cannot think about myself wearing such black lipsticks. What do you think about the collection as a whole? Isn't it a bit pretentious? Are we all really going vampy?

Mac Cleanse Off Oil and other oil-based makeup removers


I have been using this for a couple of week now and I must say I am a bit disappointed. I have heard (and read) wonders abut this product but after several uses my thoughts are not so optimistic about it.

First of all, the biggest disadvantage I have found is that I need to use tons of product to get rid of all my makeup. When I say "tons", I mean I need like 5 pumps and to rinse twice. I think I will be running out

Secondly, I find the texture is too liquid. I thought that, as it was an oil makeup remover, the texture would be thicker and therefore, easier to apply, but, on the contrary, it just runs off my face and it is a bit disgusting.

The sales girl told me to mix this with a bit of water to make it work better, but it is just the same for me, I have tried both ways and yes, it does remove my makeup but I do not like the feeling at all.

I would like to compare it to other oil-based makeup removers I have used. First of all, I have to say that I prefer oil to get rid of makeup at the end of the day because it is really the fastest and most efficient way to clean your face, in my opinion. I love how in a few seconds your skin is totally neat and clean. I follow my routine then with an appropriate cleanser to remove any rests.

I have used:
- Clinique Take The Day Off Balm:
I have used is for years and the reason I decided to buy the Mac one was because I was just bored and tired of the same product but I will definitely come back to it as it is my favourite one. The balm texture becomes oil when worked onto skin and it removes makeup completely. Besides, it lasts for months.

- Kanebo, Cleansing Oil:

It is a great product but the biggest disadvantage is that it is really expensive. It is a wonderful experience to remove makeup with this product, I loved it! But I could afford it just once...

- L'Oreal, De-maq Expert, Milk to Toner:

A very good option on the cheapy side. It is a very decent makeup remover athough I would complain about the excessive smell (too much fragance) and because I do not like the finish: they say it works like a toner at the end, but I would prefer it was only a cleanser and not a two-in-one product.

- Clarins, Pure Melt Cleansing Gel:

I never bought it but I tried a sample and I really liked it. I should probably try this one next time because I likes the smell and the texture although it did not remove all my makeup as fast as the kanebo or the Clinique one, and not as fast as the Mac either.

So, girls, what other oil-based makeup removers do you know?

Golden Sand

This is my most recent obsession:
It is Chanel nail polish in Golden Sand. I am not sure yet if Chanel is going to make this part of the permanent collection; up to know it belongs to the Summer collection together with the other pretty colour called Orange Fizz.
Excuse my manicure, it was not done today, but just at work in a rush:

I am wearing Chanel Protective Base, one coat of Golden Sand, and then Chanel Top Coat for a quick shiny finish.

I think this is one of the few things I will definitely buy one of these days from Chanel as I think it is a perfect colour for any time of the year.

What do you think? (Once again, excuse my nails).

This is another picture I found in: http://dailycookie.net/category/color-club/. It is a really accurate image indeed.

Top 6 Facial Scrubs

Don't you love giving your skin some Spa time?
I tend to do it at least once a week, usually when I have plenty of time after dinner and I am not too tired to go directly to bed.
A good facial spa-time for me must contain some Scrubbing and also a great Face Mask afterwards. Today, I will analyse a list of Facial Scrubs I have used and I have found interesting.
Please bear in mind that my skin is quite sensitive and also acne prone for some years now, so the products I have used are the ones that correspond to this description of skin condition.
My TOP 6 Scrubs are:
  • Clarifex Facial Scrub: This is a quite hard option. The blue micro-spheres in it are bigger and sharper than usual and the effect is quite strong for skin. However, it is really effective to clean pores and it helps to reduce blemishes and make light marks vanish. The surprise is that when applying it onto skin, it generates a lot of foam so I suppose there must be some kind of cleanser agents in it. This option is definitely thought to be used at night because your skin becomes quite red afterwards.

  • Clinique Exfoliating Scrub: This one contains menthol, an ingredient which is supposed to be good to fight spots and heal blemishes. Because of that, it is very refreshing, it really gives your skin a feeling of freshness and pureness. The micro-spheres are perfectly rounded in shape so it is not as harsh as the Clarifex option. Clinique presents this as the perfect Scrub for oilier skin but I prefer the following one.
  • Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream: A favourite. Lovely creamy texture, makes your skin feel purified and cleaned without any redness after application. On the contrary, my skin is extremely soft after using it, I love the feeling and the appearance it gives to my skin. It is the scrub whose application I enjoy the most.
  • Kanebo Silk Peeling Powder: Simply great. Not a scrub containing any spheres, but just white powder to emulsionate in the contact with water and apply gently to skin. Lovely effect, your skin is perfectly clean, exfoliated to the maximum but without any redness at all and feeling totally comfortable and calm. The bad side is that it is the most expensive exfoliator of my top 6 list.
  • Avene Gentle Exfoliating Scrub: Extremely gentle, extremely soft and a lovely peachy smell. The little spheres are orange in colour and they simply disappear when you massage the product onto your skin. It really does exfoliate but in a gentle way, so it is a good option for the sensitive skins. However, not so effective against blemishes and spots. A light effect to get rid of dead cells.

  • Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser: This product is a cleanser and an exfoliator all in one. It has a lovely smell of orange. I do not recommend it as a makeup remover but it is a fantastic mild cleanser after using a good makeup remover or in the mornings. It makes your skin feel very soft and really clean. I like this one as you can use it as often as you want because it is not aggressive at all.

So this is a summary of the Scrub products I recommend the most. Are there any other scrubs you would like to mention?

Nars Galaxy Girl + Clinique Cabana Crush; Look & Review

Hi there! How is your week going?
I am going to show you today two lip products I have recently tried on.

The first one is Nars Lipstick in Galaxy Girl. This is from the Sheer range. Unfortunately, I am a little bit disappointed with this one because I thought it would have a better pigmentation and it is too light.

I already had another Nars lipstick, also Sheer, which is Viva las Vegas, and I feel the same abouth both of them: too little colour on my lips. I will not try again with lipsticks from the Sheer line because they do not pigmentate a lot... I think it is time for me to try Mac lipsticks, I do not have any yet. (What a shame...)
So, I lighted this up by applying on top Clinique Cabana Crush gloss (log las gloss wear SPF 15) and the result really improved. I really like this one. It was part of last summer makeup collection by Clinique but it remained permanent. The colour of this is amazing, a sort of strawberry fuchsia pink, very glossy and with a really good flavour... I love it:
Here it is the result: Hope you like it...
I little help would be needed as to decide what should be my first lipsticks from Mac... because I will maybe try ebay today.