10 Things I Learnt this New Year's Eve. And Update.


  1. When things start wrong, they end wrong.
  2. Missing your love on New Year's Eve is a pain I will suffer for a long time.
  3. I will regret this night forever.
  4. Traditions bring peace and stability and breaking with them brings despair.
  5. My promise of not making the same mistakes once and again is not being accomplished.
  6. I will try to find my happiness but I have no idea where to start with.
  7. I need to be in peace.
  8. I'd better learn to control my feelings.
  9. I have no hope for 2010.
  10. 2009 was a painful year.

UPDATE: 7th, January, 2010

  1. No matter how long a night, the sun will always rise the morning after.
  2. I'd better stop complaining and take some action to be happy.
  3. Life has more good things than evil things, of this I am sure.
  4. Family will always be there and they will love me forever.
  5. Hope can never be lost.
  6. Everything has a solution except death.
  7. I'd better start working in my own happiness.
  8. We have to love the things we do while we are looking for the opportunity to do the things we love.
  9. 2010 will be happier than 2009.
  10. Maybe this year my life will change, maybe not... but I will be happy anyway.

8 comentarios on "10 Things I Learnt this New Year's Eve. And Update."
  1. :( what happened? Hope you are ok. Try and stay optimistic.. new year - new start x

  2. Hi Sweetie! I hope 2010 has loads of good things in store for you! Be confident and look forward to your future.

  3. Hey here's to a better 2010, full of health and happiness! :-)

  4. Hang in there, 2009 sucked for a lot of people but there is always hope!

  5. 2009 is gone... focus in 2010, will be better and happier.
    After a mountain is always another...
    or if God closes a door He will open a window.

    Hope you find your good energy soon, because I'm sure this year will be great.
    Love, XX

  6. Thank you all, girls!! You always help me feel much better!

  7. princesa!!me parece que tenemos que hablar tu y yo de muchas cosas,que no me gustan nada lasprimeras que pusiste!!!!!!!!si te apetece,mandame un mail vale?:) muaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    PD: kedada para Audrey vamossssssssss

  8. Jajaja, esas salieron de las tripas pero ya están superadas...