Strawberry Smoothie for a Detox Mardi Gras

1/2 kg strawberries
3 yoghurts
2 teaspoons of sugar

A great drink to relieve a little hangover after Mardi Gras. It was a bit acid... Do you know any other way to make a strawberry smoothie? I find it really difficult to eat fruit, I do not know why, but I love juices and smothies.

By the way, I dressed up as a Pharaoh woman and it was fun! However, it was extremely cold! I did not take any proper picture to show you guys, maybe next time... It would be embarrassing though. :-O

As you may have seen, I blogged about a tiny blogsale yesterday, just for you to know. Blogsale.

Sweet Valentine...


My Music Heroines

Maja Ivarsson from The Sounds:

Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil:

Amy Lee from Evanescence:

Shirley Manson from Garbage:

Gwen Stefani from No Doubt:

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Target: Clear Skin

For a long time now I have been longing for clear skin. My skin is at the moment full of marks and blemishes, really tired if you ask me. I am quite sure my skin is a combination of acne-prone + really sensitive. I tend to think She is angry at me...
I am going to start a project called "Clear Skin" and see what happens. Feel free to join in and tell me your changes in skincare routine and if they work, in case you have difficult skin like me.

My BF usually says my skin reflects my mood, it is sad when I am sad and bright when I happy.

He also thinks I tend to focus on skin too much, and the more I obsess about it, the worse it gets.

This project will last for 4 weeks starting today, Thursday 11th February, and ending Thursday 11th March.

My main purposes are:

- deeply moisturize,
- use less makeup,
- make some of the redness disappear,
- leave my skin breathe as much as possible,
- not to touch or manipulate blemishes and/or spots,
- drink more water and eat more healthily.

As inspirational images, I will show you some of the celebs which I think have the most beautiful skin:

I will post another entry with the products I will be using during this project.

Buying Beauty at H&M

Hello all,
This week I purchased some beauty products at H&M. I am very happy with the things I bought, since H&M has inexpensive things which are really cute!
These days, they already have an eye in the Springtime, and most of the articles have a beautiful butterfly motif:
To start with, I bought face masks, one of each available type!

Esta semana he comprado algunas cositas en la sección de cosmética del H&M, son artículos muy baratos y tienen algunas cosas realmente bonitas!
Ya tienen el ojo puesto en la Primavera y la sección estaba plagada de motivos acordes con esta nueva estación que ya está en camino. En especial, me han gustado mucho los estampados con mariposas.
Me cogí una mascarilla facial de cada tipo:

From left to right: / De izquierda a derecha:
* Dead Sea Mineral Mask
* Pomegranate and Passion Fruit Peel-Off Mask
* Raspberry Smoothie Pore Cleansing Mask
* Natural Strawberry Deep Cleansing Mask
* Self Warming Face Mask

Yesterday I tried the Raspberry Smoothie Pore Cleansing Mask and I have to say that the smell is absolutely delightful! The name of the mask is totally descriptive, so there is little I can add to it...! It is soooo yummy... I like to apply this at night after regular cleansing. It dries fast on my skin and it does not irritate at all. It leaves my skin very soft and clean.
All the facial masks cost 1,99€, and I each one can be used between 2 and 4 times depending on the amount of product you apply.
What I usually do with this "mono-dose" masks (Apivita also has them), is to apply them only in the most "affected" areas, say, in my case, cheeks, chin and nose, and therefore they last longer.

In the same picture you can see two white flat sponges that I use to remove makeup and facial masks. They are really useful! These ones are a really good dupe for Kanebo Sponge Chief, which is my favourite of all times, but costs 10 times more... H&M sponges were 0,99€.

Anoche probé la mascarilla limpiadora Raspberry Smoothie Pore Cleansing Mask y he de decir que el olor que tiene es delicioso. El nombre en sí ya es absolutamente descriptivo: smoothie de frambuesa, así que poco más puedo añadir para que os hagáis una idea de lo bien que huele.
Suelo utilizar estas mascarillas por las noches tras desmaquillar la piel. Ésta, en concreto, se endurece rápido en la piel pero no resulta agresiva en absoluto, y deja la piel muy limpia y suave.
Estas mascarillas tienen un precio de 1,99€ y cada una contiene producto para utilizar entre 2 y 4 veces, dependiendo de la cantidad que apliques.
Lo que suelo hacer con estas mascarillas "mono-dosis", del estilo de las de Apivita, es aplicarlas sólo donde mi piel lo necesita más, mejillas, barbilla y nariz, y así me duran más. También las cierro con un pedacito de celo para que no se pongan malas ni se sequen.

En la misma imagen podéis ver un par de esponjitas planas blancas que uso para limpiar la piel y también para retirar las mascarillas. ¡Son realmente útiles! La verdad es que me recuerdan un poquito a la Sponge Chief de Kanebo, que es mi favorita pero cuesta 10 veces más... Ésta vale 0,99€.

As I told you before, H&M is full of "butterflied" things this season. I bought that beautiful black mirror in an impulse since I tend to collect small mirrors from H&M from time to time. I have got quite a lot of them... This one was 2,99€ and it is a two faded mirror perfect to carry in my bag.
Another butterfly product is the Pear Sorbet Lip Balm, I was totally enchanted by the scent of this. There were two different scents available (the other one was a lilac one), but the smell of this was the best in my opinion.

And finally I found a weird product that resembles the famous Mac Tinted Lip Conditioners; this one is Lip Tint by H&M and it is really gorgeous. I must say I should not have taken this shade since it is inapreciable at all. I wanted a nude shade but this lip tint only moisturizes my lips (in depth, I must add). And there were a lot of great shades: coral, red, fuchsia... This was the most "priced" product in my haul, 3,99€.

Como os comentaba al principio, H&M está lleno en estos días de diseños con mariposas. Me compré este precioso espejito negro en forma de mariposa ya que tiendo a coleccionar espejitos de H&M. Éste costaba 2,99€ y tiene dos partes, es perfecto para llevar en el bolso.
Otro producto con mariposa es el Pear Sorbet Lip Balm, un bálsamo labial de sorbete de pera. Estoy fascinada por el olor. Había dos diferentes (el otro era lila) pero me gustó mucho más cómo olía éste. 
Finalmente encontré un producto que me recordó a los famosos Tinted Lip Conditioners de MAC, se trata del Lip Tint by H&M y es precioso. No debería haberme cogido este tono, sin embargo, ya que es prácticamente inapreciable en los labios. Quería un tono nude pero éste sólo hidrata (y mucho, la verdad). Pero había tonos preciosos: coral, rojo, fuchsia... Éste fue el producto más caro: 3,99€

And this is it, girlies! I hope you like it. Do you like butterfly patterns?
Esto ha sido todo!! Espero que os haya gustado :)
¿Os gustan los diseños con mariposas?

DISCLAIMER: Everything was bought with my own money. Nobody is paying me for writing this review and I am not affiliated with the brand.
ACLARACIÓN: Artículos comprados con mi dinero. No me han pagado por escribir esta review  ni estoy asociada a la marca.

January Favourites


Hello ladies of the blogsphere!
Here are my favourite products of January, the ones I have been using the most.


Clinique Total Turnaround serum: I have a big sample of this and I am using it right before my daytime moisturizer. I find that it clears my complexion and makes my marks and blemishes fade away little by little. The texture is really pleasant and the scent is very soft. It absorbs instantly and matifies a lot.


My favourite product in terms of makeup this month has been this Martora synthetic fiber brush. Martora is a Spanish brand for professional makeup. I found this in a little local beauty shop last year and the truth is that I did not know what to use it for. Finally, I have been using it with Nars blushes, especially Taj Mahal this month and, as it is so highly pigmented, this kind of brush is perfect because it just takes the right amount of product.


I am going to repeat this: my absolute favourite is, again, I.C.O.N Meringue...


Another old friend: Lush Dream Cream. I love this moisturizer. I find the smell almost therapeutic in the sense that it smells like nature, some kind of herbal thing. It makes my skin soft, it is perfect after waxing off and it really seems it "cures" my skin if it is dry or irritated. The only disadvantage I find is that it takes quite a long time for it to absorb and it can be a bit sticky. That is why it is a very good option in winter but I totally discard it for the summer time.

So that is my January list, girls! I hope to do this on a regular basis as I think it is useful to see what goes well.
Have a nice week all.