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    January Favourites

    Hello ladies of the blogsphere!

    Here are my favourite products of January, the ones I have been using the most.

    Clinique Total Turnaround serum: I have a big sample of this and I am using it right before my daytime moisturizer. I find that it clears my complexion and makes my marks and blemishes fade away little by little. The texture is really pleasant and the scent is very soft. It absorbs instantly and matifies a lot.


    My favourite product in terms of makeup this month has been this Martora synthetic fiber brush. Martora is a Spanish brand for professional makeup. I found this in a little local beauty shop last year and the truth is that I did not know what to use it for. Finally, I have been using it with Nars blushes, especially Taj Mahal this month and, as it is so highly pigmented, this kind of brush is perfect because it just takes the right amount of product.

    I am going to repeat this: my absolute favourite is, again, I.C.O.N Meringue

    Another old friend: Lush Dream Cream. I love this moisturizer. I find the smell almost therapeutic in the sense that it smells like nature, some kind of herbal thing. It makes my skin soft, it is perfect after waxing off and it really seems it “cures” my skin if it is dry or irritated. The only disadvantage I find is that it takes quite a long time for it to absorb and it can be a bit sticky. That is why it is a very good option in winter but I totally discard it for the summer time.
    So that is my January list, girls! I hope to do this on a regular basis as I think it is useful to see what goes well.
    Have a nice week all.

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    1. 3 febrero, 2010 / 12:23

      I'm liking the sound of Lush's Dream Cream. Their stuff smells and feels gorgeous.

    2. Tienestela
      4 febrero, 2010 / 0:01

      honey!!I´ve promised write in English here,´cause doing this maybe I woul improve my poor English!!I´m happy with my new nail polish,frome ELF of course ( Dark Navy).It´s beautifull!
      And I´m trying to remove my makeup every night,I´m too lazy with this!!!

    3. Catanya
      4 febrero, 2010 / 10:12

      I love Lush too, and this Dream Cream is amazing!

      me encanta leerte en inglés, me hace mucha ilusión!El Dark Navy de Essie es brutal! Lo he visto estos días que he estado fichando colores por internete,
      Yo he mercado unos de Opi por ebay, ya los pondré.
      Un besazo!

    4. 7 febrero, 2010 / 1:58

      I will try that Clinique product!
      have a sweet day, xoxo

    5. Catanya
      7 febrero, 2010 / 19:15

      It is a great product!

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