Strawberry Smoothie for a Detox Mardi Gras

1/2 kg strawberries
3 yoghurts
2 teaspoons of sugar

A great drink to relieve a little hangover after Mardi Gras. It was a bit acid... Do you know any other way to make a strawberry smoothie? I find it really difficult to eat fruit, I do not know why, but I love juices and smothies.

By the way, I dressed up as a Pharaoh woman and it was fun! However, it was extremely cold! I did not take any proper picture to show you guys, maybe next time... It would be embarrassing though. :-O

As you may have seen, I blogged about a tiny blogsale yesterday, just for you to know. Blogsale.

5 comentarios on "Strawberry Smoothie for a Detox Mardi Gras"
  1. Strawberry and banana with a few spoons of orange juice is nice as a smoothie! Dressing up as a pharoah sounds fun lol x

  2. @Lady Rara,

    Yum, that sounds so so good! I have not thought of addind banana and orange juice. I will try that! Thanks!

    thank you, darling!

  3. Second comment, sorry (I love food lol)... If you use yoghurt you can try vanilla or banana flavour to take away the tang of the strawberries :)


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