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    Target: Clear Skin

    For a long time now I have been longing for clear skin. My skin is at the moment full of marks and blemishes, really tired if you ask me. I am quite sure my skin is a combination of acne-prone + really sensitive. I tend to think She is angry at me…
    I am going to start a project called “Clear Skin” and see what happens. Feel free to join in and tell me your changes in skincare routine and if they work, in case you have difficult skin like me.

    My BF usually says my skin reflects my mood, it is sad when I am sad and bright when I happy.

    He also thinks I tend to focus on skin too much, and the more I obsess about it, the worse it gets.

    This project will last for 4 weeks starting today, Thursday 11th February, and ending Thursday 11th March.

    My main purposes are:

    – deeply moisturize,
    – use less makeup,
    – make some of the redness disappear,
    – leave my skin breathe as much as possible,
    – not to touch or manipulate blemishes and/or spots,
    – drink more water and eat more healthily.

    As inspirational images, I will show you some of the celebs which I think have the most beautiful skin:

    I will post another entry with the products I will be using during this project.


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    1. 11 febrero, 2010 / 21:28

      good luck! Hope it works out for you 🙂 x

    2. 11 febrero, 2010 / 21:36

      Hey Cat, I think you should check out SebaMed soap cleansing bar, it balances the ph level of your skin, google it – it may help, it's suitable for sensitive skin and recommended by dermatolagists and is very affordable. X Good luck X

    3. 12 febrero, 2010 / 0:36

      Good luck! My skin has been going crazy recently – currently sat here with Lush Cupcake face mask on hoping it will work some magic!
      Thinking of ordering some Mederma scar cream from ebay to try and fade my old spot scars – so if you have any spot scarring it may be worth a look into! xox

    4. 12 febrero, 2010 / 17:43

      Ah yes, that ever lasting question of clear skin.;) I was fortunately born with great complexion, but I too have gone through periods when it was less than great. I recall that usually stress and lack of drinking enough water had a lot to do with it. As far for experimenting with all kind of cosmetics, they never helped.;) I have realized, that the less I pay attention to my skin, the better it looks. The only MUST in my regime is NEVER EVER to go to bed without cleansing my face with mild soap (baby soap) and water.;))

      Thank you so much for your very nice comment yesterday;)
      Have a lovely weekend,

    5. Angélika
      13 febrero, 2010 / 20:38

      Congratulation Tania. The face is the mirror of the soul, this way that if you take care of your body internally and your mind, your skin will reflect it. Kissses

    6. 14 febrero, 2010 / 0:01

      Honey is great to make redness disappear. It totally worked on me and now I'm hooked xD


    7. 15 febrero, 2010 / 0:20

      Good luck!!!

      Oo i like your good skin celebs.. great choices of women! All soo flawless!!

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