On November 7, 2009, I wrote an entry called Day Zero Project. I felt highly motivated with this project, which was mainly about completing a set of 101 tasks in a period of 1001 days. The truth is that I found this project exciting and really inspiring. Nevertheless I gave it up soon and now I want to have a look back and recover the spirit.
I use this blog to keep a record of many things and this is one of them, so I am going to comment on the (few) goals I have accomplished in these 4 months.

In green, the ones that I have done:

1.- Read a book every month.

2.- Phone a friend every week to catch up.

3.- Eat some vegetables every day.

4.- Call mum and dad every day I do not see them.

5.- Finish my degree at university by June 2010.

6.- Write in my blog at least once a week.

7.- Travel abroad at least once a year.

8.- Do housework everyday.

9.- Start going to the gym.

10.- Wake up every morning and be glad for everything I have.

11.- Go to the hairdresser's once every 5-6 weeks.

12.- Get my teeth checked.

13.- Drink more water every day.

14.- Walk calmly under the rain, without umbrella.

15.- Visit my relatives once a month.

16.- Save at least 100€ every month.

17.- Plan an 8-hour-per-night sleeping routine and attach to it.

18.- Go to at least one concert.

19.- Be ALWAYS kind to my parents.

20.- Start a hobby.

21.- Learn new recipes.

22.- Make cupcakes, muffins, cakes, etc, once a month.

23.- Finish up at least 2 cosmetics before buying a new one.

24.- Rearrange my wardrobe.

25.- Go on holiday to a beautiful sunny place.

26.- Meet my friends for a coffee at least twice a month.

27.- Take serious care of my poor skin condition.

28.- Use my contact lenses more often (instead of my ugly glasses).

29.- Do a makeup course.

30.- Have great marks on most of my subjects.

31.- Study at least 4 hours every week.

32.- Plan my classes every other day.

33.- Limit the time I spend on the computer to no more than 1hour and a half every day.

34.- Write a list of 100 things that make me happy.

35.- Hug and kiss my BF several times every day.

36.- Play with Pol every day.

37.- Spend quality time with my mum and dad at least once a week.

38.- Open a bank account only for saving.

39.- Get a medical body check once a year.

40.- Work on my blog to make it prettier.

41.- Limit the number of times I cry for unimportant things.

42.- Take care of my plants.

43.- Be up to date in terms of music.

44.- Recycle my old clothes instead of buying new ones.

45.- Start making a scrapbook.

46.- Celebrate New Year's Eve in an amazing way.

47.- Celebrate a party for my 26th birthday. (Well, sort of.)

48.- Limit my visits to the shopping centres.

49.- Do a weekly schedule and stick to it.

50.- Revise this list once a week and mark my accomplishments.

51.- Lower my electricity, water and mobile phone bills every month.

52.- Limit the number of times I go to the cinema.

53.- Go for a walk on the beach every two weeks.

54.- Write on my notebook every day.

55.- Limit the number of times I eat fast food to once a month.

56.- Live happily with my BF.

57.- Be free inside.

58.- Find a better job.

59.- Have at least 200 followers on my blog by December 31st.

60.- Learn to be happy with my life.

61.- Stop wasting time doing nothing.

62.- Go to the library at least twice a month and spend a couple of hours studying there.

63.- Be a good teacher.

64.- Make my home a more beautiful place to live.

65.- Have a wonderful Christmas time.

66.- Make some hand craft as Christmas gifts for my beloved ones.

67.- Start taking driving lessons.

68.- Bring my laptop back.

69.- Bring passion back.

70.- Maintain my house clean and organized every day.

71.- Have an Iphone or Itouch.

72.- Invest on shoes rather than clothes.

73.- Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.

74.- Answer the 5o Questions That Will Free Your Mind.

75.- Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons.

76.- Drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day.

77.- Create a morning ritual.

78.- Go to an outdoor cinema.

79.- Unplug for a whole weekend every 8 weeks: no cell phone, no TV, no Internet or computer.

80.- Elliminate all my clothing that do not fit/suit me.

81.- Submit a title to:

82.- Read the entire body of an author’s work (Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde...).

83.- Never go to bed angry.

84.- Write this list on a notebook or print it and have it always at hand.

85.- Use more colour in clothes and avoid wearing black clothes every day.

86.- Visit New York City.

87.- Go to all of my classes for an entire month.

88.- Only shop when I need to (and buy only truly necessary things).

89.- Leave the house every day.

90.- Answer every phone call.

91.- Give a great gift to a friend this Christmas.

92.- Laugh until I cry, from time to time.

93.- Go for a night out at least once every month.

94.- Contact an old friend.

95.- Travel in the Interrail train, crossing Europe.

97.- Sell clothes and cosmetic products on the Internet and earn at least 100€ for it.

98.- Declutter – Regift, donate, or bin 101 things.

99.- Clean something once every week for 80 weeks.

100.- Host a sleepover for at least 2 females.

101.- Make a new list of 101 Things by the time my 1001 days are done.

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  1. this sounds great, really great! :)

    check out my Alexia Admor dress giveaway, darling! :)

  2. The list is a great idea - even if you dwindled on it for a while - it's made me inspired to write my own!

  3. So far, seems like you're doing a good job =]

  4. Wow, lots of good goals!

  5. This list is great! I need to get in gear and plan some things for spring!


    S.S. DOBBS

  6. Awesome list. I have so many of the same goals and it's really hard. I don't know why, cause these are things that would make me happy so you think I would want to get right to it.


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