February Favourites


Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion:

This is my favourite toner since, as its name indicates, it is very gentle to the skin. Its texture is a bit thick, and it seems to moisturise as well as calm my skin. I think this thickness is what I like the most about it. It is not the typical water-like liquid toner: the texture is different. You must shake it well before use, to mix all the components.

I also like it because it contains salicylic acid, which is great to combat black pores and imperfections, and also aloe vera, with calming and regenerating properties.


Biotherm Light foundation:

I am in love, again, with this foundation. I have nothing else to add to my previous review about it, just that I continue loving the radiant yet light finish. Now that I have given up full makeup during the week, it is the perfect foundation for an everyday look.

Argan Oil:

A friend of mine gave me a bottle of Argan Oil as a present. I had already read a couple of reviews about the benefits of this Moroccan product. It can be used on hair or on skin, and it is said to be a great treatment for skin diseases. I have not tried it onto my skin yet, but I have on my hair and it is really nutritive and moisturizing.

Another Kind of Beautiful Things:

Amy Macdonald: Don't Tell Me that it's Over

A Place,

The nearest beach.

Yes, this is me, in one of my favourite places on earth;

A Scent,
The springing Mimosa Trees in front of my house. It is my most favourite smell from all times. It brings me memories from childhood, when I used to go for long walks with my mum, and we cut a small branch to take home and try to make that scent last forever.

A Feeling,
My parents' hugs.
5 comentarios on "February Favourites"
  1. Love the way you divided you faves into different categories x

  2. It is amazing how many people I've seen posting about argan oil. I think I need to get some!!

  3. this is a beautiful post :)
    have a fab day, darling.

  4. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!

    The argan oil bottle is lovely! I think I would get it just for that!! xx

  5. aw.. this is a beautiful post! I love the beach photo and the photo of a hug :-) sweet!
    I am actually thinking my current foundation has "too much coverage"... I am thinking about looking for something lighter... maybe I will take a look at Biotherm's Light


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