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    Glitzy Glam!

    You probably know that Elle from AllThatGlitters21 and her sister Blair, Juicystar07 run their own company now. They have started a webstore called Glitzy Glam and they are selling beautiful products. Last week I was feeling whimsical and I ordered a couple of things. I received them today. The shipping was fast and everything was really well wrapped. I am very happy with the things I purchased!

    Some of my obsessions apart from cosmetics and makeup are stationery and school supplies.

    I love cute stationery products!

    In my very first shopping from Glitzy Glam I ordered a 2010 diary/agenda and a pack of 4 pocket folders.

    The 2010 Diary/Agenda, called “Time Flies”:

    Detalied pattern of pink and white flowers:

    The pocket folders come in a packet of four, two different patterns, and there are also cute sticker labels:

    I love the combination of turqoise, green and pink colours! Detailed pattern:
    Do you like them?Paul really likes it all!!


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    1. 9 marzo, 2010 / 20:05

      I didnt really want to buy anything from them but i saw the Diary/Agenda and had to get it!

      i love it 🙂

    2. 10 marzo, 2010 / 11:27

      Que libretitas más ideales, me gustan muchísimo los artículos de escritorio y si son unos diarios como estos mejor que mejor.
      A mi siempre me acompaña una en el bolso.
      P.D.: Yo también te sigo.

    3. 10 marzo, 2010 / 15:35

      The 2010 Diary Time Flies is gorgeous! Almost makes me want to start a diary. 🙂

      x Emily

    4. Tienestela
      10 marzo, 2010 / 21:01

      me encantan,y lo malo es que ya me meti en la pagina y me enamore de mil cosasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    5. lauren
      11 marzo, 2010 / 18:17

      Don't you mean ShitzyScam? 🙂

    6. Princesa Livia
      11 marzo, 2010 / 22:28

      Ohh those look so pretty and girly! I love the pink and white one with flowers xx

    7. 13 marzo, 2010 / 15:00

      Adorable! I'll definitley take a look at their site



    8. 14 marzo, 2010 / 2:52

      I love their website and the stuff they sell(: its all so cute!
      I bought one of the agenda's and a keyring for myself haha. I couldn't resist! xx

    9. Tienestela
      14 marzo, 2010 / 21:19

      ya sabes bien como son estos dias,pero es que algunos cuesta mas sacar la cabezuca fuera…peeeero palante como los de alicante jajaj!MUAAAAAAAA

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