Make up Session at Clinique: Anti-Blemish Liquid Makeup (NEW)

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend a makeup session at the local Clinique counter with a friend, totally for free. They have a promotion in Spain at the moment by which you print a voucher in their Spanish website and you enjoy this makeup session. The objective is to try the new foundation they have launched, Anti Blemish, another product which is from now on part of the whole Anti Blemish line.

The idea is attractive: a foundation that contains active ingredients to combat spots and blemishes as a treatment. Of course, totally oil free and allergy tested as everything Clinique.
This is my honest opinion about this promotion and about the products that the Clinique woman tried on us. No one is paying me for writing this review.

First of all, the S.A tested our skin condition. Mine, as I already knew, resulted in acne prone yet sensitive and dry. She used Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam to clean my face and afterwards the Anti Blemish Clarifying Lotion. I think both products are too harsh for me; in fact, I prefer the Mild version of both products from Clinique. The day after this makeup session, I found my skin a bit irritated, my cheeks burned a little and they were a bit red. I really think the combination of all the products from the Anti-Blemish Solutions line would definitely be too strong for my skin. They should be used on oily or very oily skins.

Then, she added the serum Even Better, which I am actually using at the moment. Then, she used the Anti Blemish Clearing Moisturizer.
Afterwards, she continued with the Redness Solutions Protective Base. I have been using a sample from this green gel and I must say it is a great product to calm skin and reduce redness. It works as an excellent makeup base too.
As a concealer, she also used the one from the Anti-Blemish line.

Summary of steps:

1.- Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam
2.- Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion
3.- Even Better Serum
4.- Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturizer
5.- Redness Solutions Protective Base
6.- Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer
7.- Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup

(Isn't this just too much?)...

Then the time arrived for the new makeup base Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup: I must say I love the packaging. It has a very handy and higyenic applicator.

This foundation has a medium to high coverage. It is really blendable and creamy and it covers the pores and blemishes really well. The smell is quite unnoticeable but towards the pleasant side.
My shade choice was 03 (I am NC20 on makeup or so I think). It looked like a perfect match there but then I discovered that it tends to darken with the pass of some hours...

The great disadvantage of this foundation, from my point of view, is that it disappears from my face. At the end of the day I have very few foundation on my face: only patches here and there. And much darker than when I applied it.

Will I repurchase it? Well, I do not think so.
1st: because it is not that good: it dries to a semi matte finish matte, you have no shiny spots and it has not broken my skin out, BUT, it is just ok.
2nd: I think it is drying my skin. The S.A gave us a couple of samples to continue trying it at home and I have noticed my skin is becoming drier after 3 days of using it.

3rd: I think it is just too much to apply a treatment to fight against spots and pimples and also a foundation with the same function. Skin could react producing more oil...

The rest of the makeup session was very simple (everything from the Spring Collection 2010):

I just love the promotional picture! However, the collection disappointed me.

- On my lips: the newly arrived Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in the shade Pink me Up

Another promotional picture that is so cute!

- On my cheeks: the new powder blusher in the shade Fresh Picked.

Will I buy anything from this collection? No, nothing inspires me. Maybe one of the Lip Smoothies since I found them very nourishing and pigmented, and the shades were all wearable.
Have you tried the new Clinique foundation or any other product from the Spring Collection? What are your thoughts on them?
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  1. The Anti-Blemish range it's really good and effective but not a great choice for dry skin, I guess that's what caused you the irritation. Redness Solutions products are so amazing too !! I love them !

    Cool blog!!

  2. Thank you for a review! I used to wear the perfectly real foundation for years. I still will probably go back to it but my skin has been acting up the past few months and so I needed heavier coverage. I use MUFE Mat Velvet+ and love it! I would normally be interested in a foundation for acne, but this one doesn't sound very good at all!

  3. Clinique's foundations are pretty good. I like Perfectly Real and Even better. I was surprised when I started using them and really loved the results.

    In terms of the spring collection, how cut is the blush compact? The floral motif is a work of art - it would be a shame to muck it up by using it.

    Lols, I've added you to my blog roll :) Great posT!

  4. wow it looks like you had a good time, hmmm I have got to try out some of those products xxx

  5. @Lipstick on the cup,
    Yes, pretty nice; quite small, though...

    Yes, I found that using the whole line would be too harsh for a sensitive skin...

    It would be better if you could ask for samples because maybe you loke it!

    @The Informed Makeup Maven,
    Woooo! I feel honoured, since I love your blog! thanks so much!

    @the girl with the satchel,
    Yeah, the truth is that it is very nice when you have one of those makeup or skincare sessions. Especially when they are for free!!

    Thanks all for your lovely comments!!

  6. thanks for the review...i shall defo keep it mind when im make up shopping next.


    ps. Im planning a trip to Spain in May and would love to get some inside info regarding the best places to shop, hang out n party.

  7. great review - thank you so much for writing this, as I was just about to buy that foundation! now I'm glad I didn't & saved my money :)



  8. gorgeous review!
    happy Easter to you, xoxo

  9. Hi,
    Since i work in clinique i could give you some insights....First of all PLEASE DONOT USE EVEN BETTER SKIN TONE CORRECTOR ON ACNE-PRONE'll end up with more acne as it tends to over exfoliate and especially in India we never advice clients to use it particularly on Anti Blemish solutions products as the results can be devastating.I think you should use Redness solutions mineral powder as its better than this foundation for delicate rosy skin like yours...

    You could even go with Mild Clarifying lotion which is alcohol free if occassional redness is your concern and please see whether u r haveing rosacea as Clinique products if gone wrong could kill you...(not literally)

    I love their mascaras so do use the high impact curling mascara and high lengths mascara and let me know how you feel