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    Perfect Brows

    Brows frame our facial expression. Over the different periods of time, there have been many different trending styles for brows.

    For example, in the 1930s, women had thin and perfectly trimed brows; in the 60s, thick and dark brows were fashionable, in the 80s, they were thicker and nowadays the tendency is towards neatness.

    To my mind, the most important aspect to take in to account with respect to brows is that they should be natural, they should maintain a harmony in the whole of your facial expression. Besides, well-defined brows will help your makeup look more polished and in general, they will brighten up your natural beauty.
    Therefore, brows should not be unnaturally over-plucked or bleached. If so, they could lose expresiveness.

    My eternal icon in brows is Audrey Hepburn: her brows were always perfect, though maybe on the thick side:

    I also love Olivia Wilde’s brows (now more in the thin side), especially when she was on the O.C. I think the angular shape is perfect and really frames her beautiful eyes:

    Another example of beautiful brows is Kristin Kreuk:

    If you are looking for a redesign of your brows the best you can do is go to a specialiced beautician. They will analyse your face structure and they will remove the excess of hair of your brows, giving them a well-balanced shape.

    If you prefer to do it at home you should take into account the following considerations:
    Follow a pattern:

    If you look at this really informative (from here) picture, we can see that A marks the place where your brow should start. B shows the highest peak. Brows should not be thicker as to pass C. And finally D would mark the end.


    7 Comentarios

    1. 23 marzo, 2010 / 17:20

      the last photo is actually how my eyebrows should be shaped (naturally it's like that but a little short due to people at the salon waxing the ends (toward the ears) off and it never really grew back). I just have problems with how to trim it. I don't get how people say trimming eyebrows is easy 'cause to me, it's hard.

    2. 23 marzo, 2010 / 19:25

      Thanks for this post, very informative! The last picture is so helpful!

    3. 24 marzo, 2010 / 0:21

      i'm brow crazy too! love how it can completely transform your face.

    4. 24 marzo, 2010 / 19:33

      I love the thick ones, but perfectly shaped! I don't really like the thin ones, they always look so plastic to me 🙂

    5. CopyCat
      27 marzo, 2010 / 20:27

      excellent post 🙂
      thanks for the tips and info

    6. 9 abril, 2010 / 16:11

      I am obsessed with brows at the moment – I just can't seem to get mine how I want but hopefully using this diagram I'll be able to get them somewhere near to perfect..!

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