Treasure in a Drawer

This was how I kept my makeup organised some time ago. Nowadays, I can say all the stuff is better organised and categorised but I kind of like watching these pictures from the near past. In fact, there is something attractive in all this colourful mess.

Hope you like the photos!

One, two, three, What can you see?

6 comentarios on "Treasure in a Drawer"
  1. Hehe, yeeeees...
    And I can say that my stash has grown since then...
    Just saying :)

  2. Trying to make me jealous? Cause it's working! :D

  3. It selinho here on the blog for you!

  4. Yes, there is just something about that first picture. On one hand it is fun to dive into the depths of a makeup drawer in order to find what you're looking for and even find some long forgotten treasures. On the other hand it can be a pain in the butt if you're in a rush.