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abril 2010

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10 Finished Products, April

I finished ten products lately, here they go!Feel free to ask for a review on any of them 🙂 DISCLAIMER: All products purchased with my own money. No one is paying for my opinion on any of them. This is my honest comment. Skincare: Endocare (Regenerating Lotion): This is an amazing lotion to slightly reduce scars and also calm skin. The main active ingredient is SCA which is the secretion…

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Dear Monday:

(Picture taken by David, all the credit on him) “Dear Monday, I hope you are a great day. And I hope you are the beginning of a wonderful week and…

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NYX Blushes

I am absolutely in love with NYX powder blushes. I am in love with the quality and with its price ($3)! I bought them from Cherry Culture, together with some…

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How Lucky I Am?

Yay! Some time ago I was so lucky as to win Scarlett Holly’s (you should go and check her blog right now!) wonderful giveaway and I received the goodies today!…