Home-made Brush Cleanser

This mixture works great to clean and sanitize your brushes!

What you will need (for 250ml of product)

-a bowl for the mixture
-a funnel
- a spray/atomizer (I recycled one from Lush Tea Trea Toner)
- 30 spoons of water (TIP: use warm water and the ingredients will mix better)
- 1 spoon of alcohol 96º
- 1 spoon of shampoo (I used H&S for Sensitive Scalp)
- 1/2 spoon of conditioner (I used Herbal Essence)
- a pea size of hair mask (I used ICON Hair Mask)
-EXTRA (not added in mine) 1/2 spoon of dishwasher

Any other recipe for a good home-made brush cleanser?
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  1. nunca se me habria pasado x la cabeza mezclar todo eso! xD no le hace daño el alcohol al pelo d las brochas? un besito ^^

  2. this will make you laugh at my ignorance on the subject, but is alcohol 96° the regular fuchsia alcohol used to sanitize?

    And as Iria said, wouldn't it demage the brushes??
    I'll give this a try, you know? thank you for sharing!!!

  3. What a great idea, Catanya! Thanks for sharing!

    Liesl :)

  4. @Iria,
    La verdad es que lo pensé, pero luego leí que el Brush Cleanser de Mac lleva como segundo ingrediente (tras el agua), Alcohol Denat, así que le eché una cucharada para que desinfecte bien.

    yes, honey, I suppose it is :)
    I am glad you can also read Spanish! That is cool! As I told Rubinha, even Mac Brush Cleanser has alcohol so I thought Why not?

    thanks so much, sweeteheart!

  5. thx for your comment and following =) !
    i love your blog. have been following it with my old account.
    got a new account now and hope to find nice follower soon =)
    have a nice day

  6. ahah yeah, I read that...I must admit I tried to read it outloud to practice more..ahaha my pronunciation is so..."cd and tv like"...like very very standard! You'd laugh at that LOL

  7. Muchas gracias por la idea!! he supuesto que un funnel es un embudo, este finde me pongo a los potingues,jiji

  8. @KittyGotTheBeat,
    thanks to you!! Im going to follow your new account right now :)

    oh no, I wouldn't laugh for sure! You should hear me speaking in English, then, haha!! "cd and tv like", lol!!

    si, funnel es embudo, tuve que buscarlo, no te creas! En mi vida me había topado con esa palabra en ingles, la verdad, jeje! Gracias por pasarte y comentar.

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