Nails of the Day: Bella's Choice

I am absolutely in love with this nail polish.

It is called Bella's Choice (how cool is that?) and it is from H&M.

I bought it last week (3,95 €), as I could not resist this beautiful turquoise blue. I think this is going to be the perfect sneak peak before the Chanel Nouvelle Vague. And I can tell you this is going to be MY nail polish this summer.
(Excuse the messy manicure: I did not have the camera the day I painted my nails but two days after. I had to remove nail polish afterwards)

Love it or hate it?
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  1. I have it too and I'm totally in love with that colour!!!! it's perfect!!! xoxo :)

  2. LOVE it!
    It's very similar to a color I have been wearing recently - Ocean Love Potion by Sephora/OPI.
    I am a fan of bright nails - they are an accessory of their won.
    Have a great day!

  3. @♥ Rose ♥ Do you have it too?
    Yay! I absolutely adore it!

    Me encanta y es super baratín!!

    @ Sweet_ApplePie
    I'm in love with it!

    @ LifestyleBohemia,
    I have to check that one from OPI; I am sure I will like it too!! Yeah, I agree, another accesory deffo!


  4. Aunque no te lo creas, todos los días recuerdo que te prometí enseñarte mis lacas de uñas chinescas -para intentar compensarte, me he creado dos pintauñas más-.

  5. espero q te hayan servido los reviews :) si q se parecen un monton a NARS, por lo menos a mi el packaging y eso se me parece! ^^ pues si, Cracovia, me voy a la aventura!! xD si lo pienso me acojono, pero yo q se... hay q hacer algo nuevo d vez en cuando!

  6. Such a delightful color! I absolutely love it!

    Hope you're having a great start of this week, cheers: Evi


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