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    NYX Blushes

    I am absolutely in love with NYX powder blushes. I am in love with the quality and with its price ($3)! I bought them from Cherry Culture, together with some other goodies which I will be reviewing soon.

    Angel is my absolute favourite of the three. I love the light it gives to my cheeks. It is matte, which I am thankful for, since most of the blushes I own are quite on the shimmery side.

    It is a natural, healthy-looking, cold pink.


    I bought this since I “needed” (*LOL*) a peachy blush to add to my collection. It is a beautiful coral blush, matte and very natural.


    I am using this for contouring. When I first opened it, I did not like it but on the skin it looks like a perfect contour powder. I think I will be using this really often when I get a tan…

    Cheapy cheapy, very good quality, matte, natural colours and amazing pigmentation.
    What Nyx blushes do you own? Which ones would you recommend for a NC20?

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    1. 20 abril, 2010 / 18:07

      Those are so pretty. I've been wanting to get some NYX blushes.

    2. Rubinha
      20 abril, 2010 / 21:28

      cuantos!! yo solo tengo uno y pa eso me salio rana! queria un tono rojizo – terracota y en la foto la descripcion se parecia al Cocoa, pero cuando llego… HORROR! es super oscuro y no me pega nada, con lo cual lo uso pa contornear! xD un besazo!!!

    3. 20 abril, 2010 / 19:35

      I love them too, I use taupe to contour 🙂

    4. 20 abril, 2010 / 19:54

      I LOVE their matte finish! I have the one in 'Natural' and it looks so pretty :'D

    5. 22 abril, 2010 / 5:16

      Estupendo blog, y de paso practico inglés! te sigo!

    6. 23 abril, 2010 / 9:16

      me ha gustado mucho tu blog!!!
      Las sombras Nyx para mi son una cuenta pendiente!! las intentaré comprar cuanto antes jejeje

      Me agrego a seguidoras de tu blog!


    7. 23 abril, 2010 / 11:43

      I have angel and one other, peach i think.. they were really nice but i got sidetracked with mac and other brands and haven't used them in ages. I must dig them out and use them again 🙂

    8. 23 abril, 2010 / 14:56

      ¡Hola Catanya!
      He pasado por aquí nada más publicar mi entrada de hoy para comentarte que te enseño en ella como queda una de las lacas de unas de "Carlo&Roma", tal y como te prometí.
      Cuanto tengas un hueco pásate por mi blog y dame tu opinión, a ver si te gusta, a mi no me ha decepcionado, todo lo contrario.
      Besitos y disculpa que haya tardado tanto.

    9. Marce
      23 abril, 2010 / 18:37

      Muy bonitos los 3, mi preferido es Peach!

    10. Catanya
      23 abril, 2010 / 20:13

      I think you should! They are so cheap and great quality!

      Yes, I will use Taupe as contour too as it is quite dark for me…

      I think "Natural" will be one of my new ones.

      pues mira que tenía el terracota en mente para un próximo pedido… me lo tendré que pensar mejor.

      @Superficialgirl, I bought them from cherryculture, honey.

    11. Catanya
      23 abril, 2010 / 20:18

      muchas gracias! Es todo un cumplido 🙂

      I am so sorry, I cannot understand you… How could I translate this?

      Muchas gracias guapetona!!!
      Pues yo las sombras de NYX no las he probado, pero también tienen buenas críticas!!

      Yeah, although they are not comparable to Mac and other high end brands, they are pretty good anyway!!

      @Aspirante a Miss Divina,
      jolin, eres un amor, me paso ya mismo a ver esas preciosidades y gangas! No se te ocurra disculparte!

      al Peach le tengo yo que dar más uso, que estoy enganchada al Angel!!

      Gracias por los comentarios!!

      Thanks all for your sweet comments!!

    12. 24 abril, 2010 / 12:39

      Thanks for the comment, and for following hon!
      i also love stationery, strangely enough i think many of us makeup lovers do!
      and lush.. i could live in that shop 🙂

    13. Anca
      26 abril, 2010 / 8:35

      gah wish they had NYX where I lived -.-"
      love all the shades, beautiful!


    14. Catanya
      26 abril, 2010 / 13:15

      yes, it is true! A lot of us share the love for cosmetics AND stationery!

      they really are, aren't they?

      you can always order them online. Mine are from Cherry Culture 🙂

    15. Jane
      29 abril, 2010 / 9:50

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    16. Get Gawjus!
      1 mayo, 2010 / 22:16

      I 'need' to get angel now 🙂 hehe

    17. Catanya
      24 junio, 2010 / 10:16

      @Get Gawjus!
      Angel is so so pretty!

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