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    Mac Instant Chic

    Hello dolls,

    This is about Instant Chic blush from the newest Mac collection Pret-a-Papier!
    What do you think?

    I must admit, it pretty much disappointed me at the mac counter… Garb definitely did, and that is why I did not purchase it. But this… I was so unsure…

    And then, I decided to follow my instinct and took it home with mama. And I am glad I did!
    I tried it yesterday and it is sooo beautiful! You must try it on your own cheeks… it is a bright coral. A happy spring-summer colour. Sheertone, they call it; I say not matte, not shimmery, just perfect! In the quest for the perfect Coral products, this is ranking #1!
    Builds up easily for a radiant look, but can be applied very slightly for a touch of candour!

    Lovely lovely! Yum!

    Swatches coming soon! (Winter has come back to the city, and the light is the worst in ages…)

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    1. Rubinha
      3 mayo, 2010 / 19:20

      uff me encanta ese tono! 😀 la plantilla es la minima editada, si kieres saber como se edita, te dejo el link 🙂 http://blogparatorpes.blogspot.com/2009/06/modificar-anchos-plantilla-minima.html

      espero q te apañes jejeje
      el lapiz es precioso, mande a mi madre a por el para q m lo mandara aqui x mi compi de piso jejeje 😀
      m estoy volviendo loca con todos los sorteos jajajaa xD a ver si tenemos suerte!! 😛
      x cierto, q precio tiene el blush? me encantan los tonos coral para las mejillas 😀 creo q m favorecen bastante ^^

      un besito!!

    2. TalluluhBella
      3 mayo, 2010 / 19:22

      This is definitely still on my list!!

    3. Catanya
      3 mayo, 2010 / 20:03

      Hooola por aquí también!
      Pues me costó unos 20€. No recuerdo exactamente si fueron 20 ó 22…
      A mí también me gustan mucho los tonos coral! Parece que hay un boom con ese color ahora, habrá que aprovechar!

      Yeah! I think it is my current favourite product! XOXO

    4. Princesa Livia
      3 mayo, 2010 / 22:23

      Sounds very pretty. I can't wait to have this for myself! 🙂 x

    5. 3 mayo, 2010 / 22:23

      I just posted this in my recent haul! I love it, so happy I decided to buy it!

    6. 3 mayo, 2010 / 21:00

      I love the color.

      I've really been digging the peaches and coral shades this year, which are big.

      Kinda wish the Papier collection came in the white promo paper cases – totes adorable!

    7. 3 mayo, 2010 / 23:17

      That color is gorgeous. Do you think it would go with a light skin tone?

    8. Jane
      4 mayo, 2010 / 7:08

      another nice product review by you rhanks

    9. Jane
      4 mayo, 2010 / 7:10

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    10. 4 mayo, 2010 / 11:03

      Hola Catanya!
      Gracias por seguirme, yo ya soy tambien seguidora tuya, me ha parecido muy interesante tu blog. Y ese colorete coral es simplemente PRECIOSO!

      Un saludo!

    11. 4 mayo, 2010 / 14:17

      Precioso el coloreteeeeeeeee!!!! Vamos a tener los colores corales por todos los lados !

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