I bet this is how the Seychelles smell!


Well, of you like coconut, monoï oil and pina colada scents, then this will smell like paradise for you. It does, for me!
I say in the title that this must be how the Seychelles smell. And I say so because I can imagine myself on a sunny beach, with white sand and a calm turquoise-blue sea.
I can imagine a white hammock under a sunshade, surrounded by vigourous shiny palm trees. I can imagine on a fuchsia bikini and a pina colada on my left hand (Iphone on the right hand to tweet about it all).
Yes, all of this comes to my mind when I put on Les Polysianes sunscreen.
I was looking forward to buying this because I had read really good opinions. I found it quite affordable (11€ for 125ml), considering that most of the other sun screens I had in mind were around 20€.
It is a white lotion in spray form. 30SPF, which is great for me as the summer has just begun and I am pale as hell.

It absorbs fast and easily and smells wonderfully as I have already mentioned. I have noticed it gives the skin a subtle glow, like a glowing halo, and it moisturizes a lot.

The only downside: it is a bit sticky, which can be a pain in the neck if it gets windy on the beach...

If you like monoï oil scent, give it a go!

Disclaimer: I bought this with my own money. No company contacted me for reviewing purposes. This is my honest opinion.
4 comentarios on "I bet this is how the Seychelles smell!"
  1. Oooo this looks good!
    I loveeee the smell of coconut and love the effect it leaves on your skin. I might have to check this out! xx

  2. If you love Monoi and coconut and something 100% natural for half the price of named brand copies.

  3. Oh love coconut smelling products!!!
    New follower here! Hope you can check out my blog and return the favour!

  4. where do you find this? i'm going to begin the search now..because yes, i love ALL those things! x