Bien por MAC: Donan todos los beneficios de MAC/Rodarte

Hace escasos minutos Temptalia anunciaba que tras la polémica de la colección de otoño MAC/Rodarte, se donarán TODOS los beneficios de esta colección y se iniciará una campaña de concienciación sobre los feminicidios de Juárez.

Bloggers, hemos hecho historia con nuestros posts, nuestros mails de protesta y nuestras firmas.

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M·A·C to Donate its Global Profits from the M·A·C Rodarte Makeup Collection to Benefit Newly Created Women and Girls of Juarez Initiative

Sugar Cane Body Polish by Alba Botanica

The Sugar Cane Body Polish by Alba Botanica was the other product I was sent by the company America's Nutrition for reviewing purposes.
I was pretty excited to try this because I had read that Sugar Cane is one of the best body scrubs you can find.
The truth is that I did not imagine how much I would love it.
Mainly because of three reasons:

  1. It smells wonderfully. It reminds me of a divine mixture of candy, caramel, toffee, vanilla, brown sugar... Delicious!

  2. The scrubbing quality is great: it has a great texture, pretty thick, but the sugar dissolves really quickly on the skin.

  3. It is excellent to remove dead cells from my skin, so it is great before applying a self-tanner. I must remind you this is not a scrub, but a body polish, which means that the exfoliation is less intense and therefore, suitable for all skin types.

  4. It leaves my skin incredibly soft and smooth AND moisturized too!

  5. The ingredients list is pretty interesting, as it includes so many natural ingredients.: Certified organic helianthus annus (sunflower oil), certified organic saccharum officianarum (sugar cane) juice, silica, aleurites moluccana (kukui nut) and macadamia ternifolia oils, honey, tocopherol (vitamin E) and botanical fragrance. 100% Vegetarian ingredients. It has no preservatives but it does have a lot of botanical oils!

  6. It is fairly inexpensive too.

  7. Not tested in animals :)

The only disadvantages I can tell are:

  1. It is a bit messy since it comes in a jar and it can be difficult to apply in the shower: you will definitely put some water inside the container and you will not be very precise woth the amount of product you need.

  2. It cannot be used on your face since the crystals can be agressive there so it is only a product for your body.

  3. The fact that it does not have any preservatives makes me think that I have to be a little careful with this and close it properly after use, to prevent it from going rotten.

To sum up, I will definitely recommend this scrub if you like the smell of things sweet and you are fond of an effcicient yet delicate exfoliation from time to time.

Available at: America's Nutrition.

Kerastase Soleil


Tuve la grandísima suerte de ganar uno de los 10 lotes de productos de Kerastase Soleil en uno de los sorteos de verano de Belleza en Vena y el paquete me llegó esta mañana. Me he quedado muy sorprendia porque ¡No me esperaba tanto! Me esperaba unos 3 productos pero han sido nada más y nada menos que 5 productos y una pamela chulísima. Me ha hecho mucha ilusión, ya os podéis imaginar: que te llegue una caja de regalitos así como así...

Se trata de la linea de productos para el cabello de Kerastase para el veranito, para proteger el pelo del sol y para cuidarlo después de la playa. Así que mejor y más apropidado imposible.

Os muestro lo que me han mandado:

1.- BAIN APRES SOLEIL, Shampooing Reconstituant
"Elimina los residuos del cabello (agua clorada, sal, yodo). Compensa el efecto desecado de los cabellos expuestos al sol. Cabellos ligeros, suaves y brillantes."

2.- LAIT RICHESSE: Soin reparateur emollient:

3.- BRUME JOUR PROTECTRICE: "Protege los cabellos de los rayos UV. Protege y subima el color de los cabellos coloreados. Fibra lisa, tacto ligero. No modifica el aspecto del peinado."

4.- MICRO-VOILE PROTECTEUR: "Cabello disciplinado durante largo tiempo. Protege y sublima el color de los cabellos coloreados. Tacto liso, suave y suelto. No deja residuos en el cabello."
5.- MASQUE UV DEFENSE ACTIVE: Reparación profunda de los cabellos.

"Aporta suavidad y facilita el desenredado.
Resalta el brillo de los reflejos de color.
Cabellos protegidos en el tiempo."

Y bueno, tengo que poneros foto de la pamela que es una monada...
¡Qué ganas de probarlo todo y contaros!

¿Habéis probado algo de esta linea? ¿Qué os ha parecido?

Dr. Schwab Controlling Mask with Tea Tree Oil

Hello all and happy Saturday wherever you are!
Today I have an entry connected with skincare, which you may already know, is one of my major concerns and the reason why I started a blog, although in time, my entries have become quite varied, containing information about many other issues and also some ramblings from time to time...
But today, I go back to the origins and I bring you a review on a face mask whose primary ingredient is Tea Tree Oil.

As you may already know, Tea Tree Oil has beneficial properties when it is applied locally, including antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral action (you can read more in the Wikipedia).

This component has proved to be very efficient in combating pimples and blemishes, and I am quite used to having products containing it, from daily cleansers to even the diluted tea tree oil to apply locally.

I consider this is a powerful cosmetic ingredient to take into account if:

a) you suffer from oily skin with blemishes

b) you have not a particular sensitive skin, since this component can result a bit harsh on delicate skins.

I was contacted by the company America's Nutrition in order to acquire a couple products for reviewing purposes and I showed my interest on their range related to oily/acne-prone skins and particularly on the products containing this element and they were kind enough to send me the Dr. Schwab Controlling Mask with Tea Tree Oil.

I decided to try it for a couple of weeks before reviewing it and the last time I used it I took some pictures for the review to be more complete.


I am very fond of face masks. I cannot skip my weekly ritual of exfoliating my skin and afterwards using a good face mask. I tend to do it twice a week if my skin is particularly naughty.

I think the results of the application of these two beauty products (scrub + mask) can be amazing with the appropriate products.

In the following picture you are going to see my chin before applying any beauty product, just after normal cleansing:

You can see a lot of redness, scars and black spots.

This is how the mask looks like on my skin. It dries a little bit so it hardens and becomes thicker after some minutes. You have to leave it for 10-15 minutes. You will notice a little burning sensation. I noticed it the first time I applied it but surprisingly enough, it disappeared the following times. I guess my skin got used to it.

This is my chain AFTER removing the face mask.

To sum up:

Dr. Schwab Controlling Mask with Tea Tree Oil is a good option if you have an oily skin, with blemishes, redness, scars and black spots, since the regular use of this seems to combat those imperfections and remove some of the oiliness. I do not know what you think, but looking at the pictures, I can see a considerable reduction of the redness and the virtual disappearance of some black spots, so I consider this is an efficient product which I will continue using.


  • I do not think it would be suitable for very sensitive skins, since the tea tree oil itself can be a bit agressive on those who have really delicate skin type. I would suggest you try it before on a small area of your body to see the effects beforehand.

  • It is quite difficult to remove. You have to insisit quite a lot if you are going to rinse it off or you may want to use some cleansing sponge or wipes as I do.
America's Nutrition

DISCLAIMER: I was sent this product for reviewing purposes. I am not being paid for writing this review and I am not affiliated to the company in any way. This is my honest opinion and I take reviews seriously.

MAC Disney Venomous Villains Part III

MAC Disney Venomous Villains Part I
MAC Disney Venomous Villains Part II

Source: Temptalia

America's Nutrition. Sugar Cane and Tea Tree Oil Mask

Some days ago, I was contacted by the web America's Nutrition in order to participate in a proyect to test some of the products they offer.
This is a company selling bath and beauty products, supplements, and fitness gear among other things and I was pretty excited to discover a big range of products available.

I was mostly interested in their Bath and Beauty products and they were kind enough to demonstrate their interest in my skin type and main concerns in order to send me those products I could make the most of and also the ones which could work the best for me. As I suffer from mild acne and it is main main concern at the moment, regarding skincare, I found their Acne & Oil Control category really appealing.
As regards body care, I was excited when I discovered they were selling a product that has been in my "wish-list" for a long time: the sugar cane body polish.

So, they agreed to send me a couple of products for me to test and write about and I received them yesterday.
First of all, I must say that I appreciate their generosity as they sent me 2 full-size products, which will give me the chance to write a good review as soon as I had tried them for long enough.

I was sent:

  • Dr. Schwab Controlling Mask with Tea Tree Oil

  • Sugar Cane Body Polish by Alba Botanica


I have not tried them yet, so I will write about them in depth in a week or so. So these are my really first impressions as I opened the package and examined the products.

Both brands, (Dr. Schwab and Alba Botanica) are new for me as I had never heard about them before. Maybe my American readers can tell anything about them?

  • Dr. Schwab Controlling Mask with Tea Tree Oil: It is a white, thick mask with a strong tea tree oil scent. I actually like that scent but I know some people really dislike it. It reminded me of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil range, of which I have used some stuff. I will be applying this twice a week after my night cleansing routine


  • Sugar Cane Body Polish by Alba Botanica: The scent of this is marvelous. A very pleasant, sweet smell. It is a golden honey-like texture with transparent particles that resemble sugar. I can't wait to try this in the shower before my next self-tan application.

I really hope you found this useful. I would appreciate some comments if you have tried these products before. I will write about them again soon,


Summer Diary #19

This is yesterday's summer diary (Thursday 8th July):

Got up at 7:30

Weather: Cloudy and Hot

Breakfast: Black tea

Outfit: Brown cargo trousers, brown flats, black T-shirt

Makeup: Clinique Anti-Blemish Foundation, MAC MSF Gold Spill, Urban Decay black kohl and MAC Jazzed L/S.

On my nails: Claire's #145 (Chanel Jade dupe)

Productivity: Paperwork

1hr class

Lunch: meat and rice, yoghurt


Plans: Little nap

Revision time

Visit parents

Dinner: Pasta salad and omelette

Total veggies: 2 pieces

Total water: 3/4 l

Garnier Nutrisse Creme y Anna Saccone

Anna Saccone (TheStyleDiet) es una de mis youtubers y bloggers preferidas.

Además de grabar videos con mucha frecuencia en los que habla principalmente sobre moda, ha ido cosechando un gran éxito internacional y está participando en una gran cantidad de proyectos interesantes. Me pareció un gesto de gran calidad humana cuando, habiendo sido elegida para participar como jurado en el popular programa de televisión Elite Model Look, (nuestro Supermodelo), renunció al descubrir cómo ,entre otras cosas, en un casting realizado en un centro comercial, tomaban las medidas de las modelos a la vista de todo el mundo, lo que le produjo la sensación de que las estaban tratando como ganado.

Llevo más de un año siguiendo sus videos y me gusta su forma de explicar las cosas. No dedica muchos videos a la cosmética pero cuando lo hace, son sencillos y prácticos, y me gusta porque los productos que dice utilizar suelen ser asequibles y de buenos resultados.

Hace unos días publicaba en su blog una entrada sobre productos para el cabello entre los que nombraba el tinte de Garnier Nutrisse Creme y, la verdad, me picó la curiosidad.

No soy fan de ir a la peluquería. Lo hago por "necesidad" cuando mis raíces asustan. No tengo el pelo muy oscuro, pero le llevo poniendo mechas rubias desde hace bastantes años y acudo a "retocar" unas 3 ó 4 veces al año. Siempre salgo refunfuñando porque pocas veces me gusta el tono y el precio me parece abusivo.

Así que me dije ¿Por qué no?
Sólo un par de veces anteriormente me había atrevido a colorear el pelo en casa, pero se trataba de un tinte que se iba con los lavados, (el mítico Color Pulse de L'oreal que ahora casi no se encuentra).

Además, Anna tenía un par de videos subidos a Youtube explicando el proceso e incluso grabándose durante la aplicación con lo cual, no podía ser más fácil.

Fui a la peluquería hace dos semanas y las mechas ya se me habían rebajado bastante, con lo cual, volvía a tener raíz. Así que después de buscar en par de perfumerías, encontré el Nutrisse Creme de Garnier en tono 10 Camomila.

Media horita de reloj y tengo el pelo chuli. Estoy contenta, más que si viniera de la pelu, me ha costado 5€ y no he necesitado casi 3 horas de lectura de revistas de cotilleo en la peluquería, donde

-No, no quiero cortar,

-No, no quiero peinar,

-No, no quiero el tratamiento cocktel


St. Tropez, I Love You. (Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion review)


Lol at me.

I bought St. Tropez Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion last summer and I regretted it so badly. I could not make it work for me, that freaking blackish lotion!
I used to apply it directly on my body and the streaks it left me made me appear like a zebra. NO. FUN.

Then I read you mix it with your body lotion... Lame.

That helped. Really. So much.

Now, here is what I do:

I put on the palm of my hand like 4 pumps of my daily lotion, any inexpensive one serves; I recommend you use some with a pleasant scent. And then I mix it with a couple of pumps of St. Tropez lotion. This is enough for each leg,

And, I am instantly tanned! See? You never read enough before learning how to use a beauty product...

The shade it gives to my skin is really natural, considering I am quite pale and on the yellowish undertone.

It does not smell as badly as the rest of fake tanners I have been using. I would say it does not seem to have any smell at all, and I am really sensitive regarding smells.

There is no orange or brownish shade, but a nice tanned colour that seems totally natural. I exfoliate my skin properly on the day before applying this so there is no streaks or patches. I have found that the tan lasts for a couple of days before fading away, so, applying it 3 times per week ensures you have a wonderful tan throughout all the year.

You can graduate the colour by changing the amounts of body lotion you mix it with. Obviously, the more body lotion you use, the lighter the colour, and the less chances of error.
Price. I bough it mine online (Hq Hair) and it is not cheap at all.
Note. Apparently, the packaging has recently changed, and now it is called St Tropez Bronzing Lotion. Description by St Tropez:
St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion is their original, salon-inspired formula that is specially created to give you the richest, deepest tan. Infused with aloe vera and long lasting colour, simply smooth on to deliver an ultra-even tan. St.Tropez’s innovative Aromaguard™ fragrance technology eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70% and instead gives a beautiful subtle, yet refreshing fragrance. Whatever your skin type it’s easy to use for the most natural looking, ultimate tan.

Disclaimer: I bought the product with my own money and no one asked me to write this review. I am not affiliated to any company mentioned in this review.

Les Polysianes Spray Leche Alta Protección


Estoy encantada con mi nueva comprita veraniega. Tenía muchas ganas de probar los protectores solares de Les Polysianes, pues había oído que se basan en el aroma del aceite de Monoï, que es tan tropical y me recuerda siempre al verano.

No me ha defraudado, la verdad. Llevo usándolo ya una media docena de veces y me encanta. Tiene un factor 30 que para mí es perfecto porque tiendo a quemarme fácilmente y además deja la piel muy bonita, porque tiene un ligerísimo velo luminoso como podéis ver en la imagen.

Lo que más me gusta es el olor, la verdad, y lo que menos, que lo encuentro un poco pegajoso, lo cual puede ser bastante desagradable en la playa. Pero por lo demás, encantada, es un spray de loción blanquita que se absorbe muy deprisa.

El precio es de alrededor de 11€, que no está nada mal, por 125 ml.
Por cierto: Fantástico sorteo de un lote de productos de Givenchy aquí!