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    America’s Nutrition. Sugar Cane and Tea Tree Oil Mask

    Some days ago, I was contacted by the web America’s Nutrition in order to participate in a proyect to test some of the products they offer.
    This is a company selling bath and beauty products, supplements, and fitness gear among other things and I was pretty excited to discover a big range of products available.

    I was mostly interested in their Bath and Beauty products and they were kind enough to demonstrate their interest in my skin type and main concerns in order to send me those products I could make the most of and also the ones which could work the best for me. As I suffer from mild acne and it is main main concern at the moment, regarding skincare, I found their Acne & Oil Control category really appealing.
    As regards body care, I was excited when I discovered they were selling a product that has been in my “wish-list” for a long time: the sugar cane body polish.

    So, they agreed to send me a couple of products for me to test and write about and I received them yesterday.
    First of all, I must say that I appreciate their generosity as they sent me 2 full-size products, which will give me the chance to write a good review as soon as I had tried them for long enough.

    I was sent:

    • Dr. Schwab Controlling Mask with Tea Tree Oil
    • Sugar Cane Body Polish by Alba Botanica


    I have not tried them yet, so I will write about them in depth in a week or so. So these are my really first impressions as I opened the package and examined the products.Both brands, (Dr. Schwab and Alba Botanica) are new for me as I had never heard about them before. Maybe my American readers can tell anything about them?

    • Dr. Schwab Controlling Mask with Tea Tree Oil: It is a white, thick mask with a strong tea tree oil scent. I actually like that scent but I know some people really dislike it. It reminded me of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil range, of which I have used some stuff. I will be applying this twice a week after my night cleansing routine


    • Sugar Cane Body Polish by Alba Botanica: The scent of this is marvelous. A very pleasant, sweet smell. It is a golden honey-like texture with transparent particles that resemble sugar. I can’t wait to try this in the shower before my next self-tan application.

    I really hope you found this useful. I would appreciate some comments if you have tried these products before. I will write about them again soon,XOXO


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    1. Catanya
      9 julio, 2010 / 18:12

      Mmm, sí, el exfoliante creo que me va a encantar! Ya os contaré 🙂
      Besos y buen finde para ti también.

    2. 9 julio, 2010 / 17:24

      Hola guapa! cómo nos gusta probar productos nuevos! La crema no es para mi tipo de piel pero el exfoliante tiene una pinta estupenda! que pases un buen finde. Besos!

    3. 姿柯瑩柯dgdd憶曾g智曾
      10 julio, 2010 / 1:49


    4. soapnutslaundry.com
      10 julio, 2010 / 3:09

      I love tea tree oil. It is the best cure all around.

    5. Catanya
      10 julio, 2010 / 8:10

      I really like Tea Tree Oil too, and its healing properties!

    6. EveryDay Makeup (becky)
      10 julio, 2010 / 15:21

      I've only tried the Green Tea eye gel from Alba and I heard Alba makes really good products especially their body lotions 😉

    7. 10 julio, 2010 / 13:58

      El exfoliante tiene muy buena pinta ! Yo la verdad es que no soporto nada el olor a aceite d arbol de té pero es bastante efectivo.

    8. Catanya
      10 julio, 2010 / 18:45

      Ya os contare que tal el exfoliante, planeo usarlo este finde!

    9. Catanya
      11 julio, 2010 / 10:46

      @ EveryDay Makeup (becky),
      Oh, thanks! It is really good to know it! I'll let you know how the body polish goes!

    10. 懿綺懿綺
      12 julio, 2010 / 0:43

      Actions speak louder than words….……………….……...………...………..…………

    11. Tere
      13 julio, 2010 / 18:36

      k buenos exfoliantes y productos no?
      acabo de descubrir tu blog y me ha gustado, merece la pena estar por tu blog 😛
      Besitos desde

    12. GiveMeFashionNow
      13 julio, 2010 / 20:16

      love this post!

      you should enter my giveaway!!


    13. 玉苓玉苓
      14 julio, 2010 / 4:59


    14. Catanya
      14 julio, 2010 / 15:28

      Muchas gracias! Me hace mucha ilusión que te guste!

    15. Tere
      14 julio, 2010 / 17:29

      me alegra k te guste la iniciativa de las entrevistas a bloggers.

      buena entrada has hecho, tienen buena pinta los productos.

      besitos desde http://sweetsyte.blogspot.com/

    16. Leyre Ese ♥
      14 julio, 2010 / 21:57

      Hola guapa, me has preguntado que programa uso para retocar las imagenes….
      Pues uso una página llamada Picnik y Photoshop ^^

    17. Catanya
      15 julio, 2010 / 13:27

      Thanks for telling me about your giveaway! I am going to have a look right now!

    18. 15 julio, 2010 / 20:23

      Hey sorry for my delay in replying to your comment, but grad is in 5 days and I am so so busy.
      thank you, it's "concorso" (contest) in Italian. I really hope your Italian exam went well, if you need anything, let me know ok? :*** querida

    19. Catanya
      16 julio, 2010 / 10:07

      Gracias de nuevo, guapísima, es un placer tenerte por este sitio !

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