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    Dr. Schwab Controlling Mask with Tea Tree Oil

    Hello all and happy Saturday wherever you are!
    Today I have an entry connected with skincare, which you may already know, is one of my major concerns and the reason why I started a blog, although in time, my entries have become quite varied, containing information about many other issues and also some ramblings from time to time…

    But today, I go back to the origins and I bring you a review on a face mask whose primary ingredient is Tea Tree Oil.

    As you may already know, Tea Tree Oil has beneficial properties when it is applied locally, including antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral action (you can read more in the Wikipedia).

    This component has proved to be very efficient in combating pimples and blemishes, and I am quite used to having products containing it, from daily cleansers to even the diluted tea tree oil to apply locally.

    I consider this is a powerful cosmetic ingredient to take into account if:

    a) you suffer from oily skin with blemishes

    b) you have not a particular sensitive skin, since this component can result a bit harsh on delicate skins.

    I was contacted by the company America’s Nutrition in order to acquire a couple products for reviewing purposes and I showed my interest on their range related to oily/acne-prone skins and particularly on the products containing this element and they were kind enough to send me the Dr. Schwab Controlling Mask with Tea Tree Oil.

    I decided to try it for a couple of weeks before reviewing it and the last time I used it I took some pictures for the review to be more complete.


    I am very fond of face masks. I cannot skip my weekly ritual of exfoliating my skin and afterwards using a good face mask. I tend to do it twice a week if my skin is particularly naughty.

    I think the results of the application of these two beauty products (scrub + mask) can be amazing with the appropriate products.

    In the following picture you are going to see my chin before applying any beauty product, just after normal cleansing:

    You can see a lot of redness, scars and black spots.

    This is how the mask looks like on my skin. It dries a little bit so it hardens and becomes thicker after some minutes. You have to leave it for 10-15 minutes. You will notice a little burning sensation. I noticed it the first time I applied it but surprisingly enough, it disappeared the following times. I guess my skin got used to it.
    This is my chain AFTER removing the face mask.

    To sum up:

    Dr. Schwab Controlling Mask with Tea Tree Oil is a good option if you have an oily skin, with blemishes, redness, scars and black spots, since the regular use of this seems to combat those imperfections and remove some of the oiliness. I do not know what you think, but looking at the pictures, I can see a considerable reduction of the redness and the virtual disappearance of some black spots, so I consider this is an efficient product which I will continue using.


    • I do not think it would be suitable for very sensitive skins, since the tea tree oil itself can be a bit agressive on those who have really delicate skin type. I would suggest you try it before on a small area of your body to see the effects beforehand.
    • It is quite difficult to remove. You have to insisit quite a lot if you are going to rinse it off or you may want to use some cleansing sponge or wipes as I do.


    America’s Nutrition

    DISCLAIMER: I was sent this product for reviewing purposes. I am not being paid for writing this review and I am not affiliated to the company in any way. This is my honest opinion and I take reviews seriously.

    8 Comentarios

    1. JoANNa
      24 julio, 2010 / 8:50

      Tiene muy buena pinta esta mascarilla!
      Gracias, besos, Joanna

    2. Catanya
      24 julio, 2010 / 10:37


      La verdad es que yo también me he quedao gratamente sorprendida!

    3. 24 julio, 2010 / 10:17

      Guauuuuu si que limpia bien esta mascarilla,me quedado asombrada con los resultados.
      Luego buscaré por internet a ver donde se puede conseguir.


    4. 24 julio, 2010 / 14:16

      Wow! I can't believe the redness is completely gone so quickly! This stuff looks pretty awesome.

    5. Catanya
      24 julio, 2010 / 19:19

      I know! I am really excited about it! Thanks for commenting!

    6. 27 julio, 2010 / 9:45

      Impresionante resutado, necesito una mascarilla tan efectiva cómo esa!! por cierto, mil gracias por el premio, me ha hecho muuucha ilusión!!
      Te he dejado un coment hoy pq me he enterado tarde! sorry.
      Besos 🙂

    7. Catanya
      27 julio, 2010 / 18:48

      Hola! Se puede conseguir en la página web de America's Nutrition. Ya he modificado la entrada para que veais el enlace.
      Un saludo!

      No te preocupes, gracias a ti por pasarte por aquí, y sí que es efectiva la mascarilla!

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