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    Sugar Cane Body Polish by Alba Botanica

    The Sugar Cane Body Polish by Alba Botanica was the other product I was sent by the company America’s Nutrition for reviewing purposes.
    I was pretty excited to try this because I had read that Sugar Cane is one of the best body scrubs you can find.
    The truth is that I did not imagine how much I would love it.
    Mainly because of three reasons:

    1. It smells wonderfully. It reminds me of a divine mixture of candy, caramel, toffee, vanilla, brown sugar… Delicious!
    2. The scrubbing quality is great: it has a great texture, pretty thick, but the sugar dissolves really quickly on the skin.
    3. It is excellent to remove dead cells from my skin, so it is great before applying a self-tanner. I must remind you this is not a scrub, but a body polish, which means that the exfoliation is less intense and therefore, suitable for all skin types.
    4. It leaves my skin incredibly soft and smooth AND moisturized too!
    5. The ingredients list is pretty interesting, as it includes so many natural ingredients.: Certified organic helianthus annus (sunflower oil), certified organic saccharum officianarum (sugar cane) juice, silica, aleurites moluccana (kukui nut) and macadamia ternifolia oils, honey, tocopherol (vitamin E) and botanical fragrance. 100% Vegetarian ingredients. It has no preservatives but it does have a lot of botanical oils!
    6. It is fairly inexpensive too.
    7. Not tested in animals 🙂

    The only disadvantages I can tell are:

    1. It is a bit messy since it comes in a jar and it can be difficult to apply in the shower: you will definitely put some water inside the container and you will not be very precise woth the amount of product you need.
    2. It cannot be used on your face since the crystals can be agressive there so it is only a product for your body.
    3. The fact that it does not have any preservatives makes me think that I have to be a little careful with this and close it properly after use, to prevent it from going rotten.

    To sum up, I will definitely recommend this scrub if you like the smell of things sweet and you are fond of an effcicient yet delicate exfoliation from time to time.
    Available at: America’s Nutrition.


    7 Comentarios

    1. Rubinha
      28 julio, 2010 / 22:34

      mmm tiene buena pinta! 😀 por el titulo pense q era autobronceadora o algo asi pero ya veo q no jeje ^^ un besito!

    2. Catanya
      28 julio, 2010 / 22:36

      Huele requetebien!
      Es lo que más me gusta 🙂

    3. Ansa
      28 julio, 2010 / 23:17

      This sound great.

    4. Pawssies
      29 julio, 2010 / 1:47

      debe oler riquiiiiiiisimo!

    5. Catanya
      29 julio, 2010 / 20:53


      Síii, genial!

    6. EveryDay Makeup (becky)
      30 julio, 2010 / 0:00

      cool review 🙂 thanks for recommending this to us.

    7. Catanya
      30 julio, 2010 / 16:44

      @EveryDay Makeup (becky),
      Thank YOU for reading and commenting!

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