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    I know, I know,
    I have been quite absent these days; blame the summer, the sun, the pool, and work as well!
    Anyway, I am here again to talk to you about Dr. Denese.
    This company contacted me some time ago and sent me a selection of productos for me to try and to write about. I was thrilled to hear that this company thought of Catanya’s Things to review these products and I was really excited to receive the package.
    The parcel arrived some days ago and I must say I felt speechless, since they had included 4 regular size products!! How generous is that!
    It is quite soon to start reviewing them since I have only used them for some days but I am really excited to see the results.
    I am going to show you what I received and my first thoughts on everything:

    1.- RESURFACE & GLOW TREATMENT FACE WASH:To start with, I love the packaging. Very compact and handy, comes in a box with a separate pump. The bottle comes independently and you have to insert the pump into the bottle. This makes it really appropriate for travelling so that you do not spill any product by removing the pump and using the available cap instead. Terrific!The formula of this product is really creamy and it contains very fine granules in order to polish the skin very gently.
    The purpose of this product is to gradually clear skin from imperfections and blemishes and I can tell you I am excited to see the results! Obviously, this is going to take some time to work.To remove makeup you are going to need another product beforehand, however. It is not a makeup remover but a treatment face wash.

    I think this was maybe the biggest surprise of the lot. They call it the “Beauty Secret”, “candlelight in a tube”… : you can mix it with your day cream or apply it before foundation and it works like a primer, like a serum, like a brightener… Basically, a tinted primer which optically reduces imperfections and fine lines.


    Considering that most of the damage produced on the skin is caused by the sun, a day cream with broad spectrum is a must have.
    This one can be used even around the eye area, and it will protect our skin against the sun in order to prevent lines, wrinles and dark spots.
    It is oil-free and therefore suitable for my skin type.
    Another thing about this is that it is tinted. Apparently, you would say the shade is quite dark but it seems to adjust to almost every skin tone after application. I do not think it would go unnoticeable on the palest, though.
    The greatest part is that it has a silicone base, which blurs imperfections and works as a primer.
    The downside is that it comes in a jar, which I am not very fond of. However, they also have this product available in a tube!!


    I was a bit surprised when I read the name of this, because the “firming” and the “age” words scare me. This is because I tend to worry much more about blemishes than about lines and wrinkles but I am moving towards the 30s and it is about time to start protection and prevention of age signs.

    This is supposed to be used as a night cream. This treatment gradually polishes your skin during the beauty’s sleep. A great product to start a prevention of aging signs.
    It has a light scent which fades wuickly and the texture has a kind of a cooling effect.
    I will let you know about the long term results.

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    1. Tienestela
      3 agosto, 2010 / 20:46

      <mucho sabes tu de cosmética,vas a tener que montarte una Beautik propia o algo:P que tal chiquitina???muaaaaaaaaa

    2. Catanya
      3 agosto, 2010 / 22:25

      Thanks girl!!
      The Brightener product is really good!!! I will let you know as I keeo using it.

    3. 3 agosto, 2010 / 20:28

      Lucky girl!

      This is the first time I hear about Dr. Denese. I'm definitely interested in the Sheer Glow Face Brightener.

    4. 4 agosto, 2010 / 9:15

      ya nos contarás q tal los resultados!! tienen buena pinta! un besín ^^

    5. Catanya
      4 agosto, 2010 / 12:06

      Jaja, prefiero comentar "desde fuera", o al menos, de momento!!

    6. 宛淑芳真
      5 agosto, 2010 / 9:40


    7. Catanya
      5 agosto, 2010 / 13:52

      En cuanto lo pruebe un tiempo prudencial, hago review.

    8. 5 agosto, 2010 / 13:45

      vaya, nunca había oído hablar de esta marca, pero tiene buena pinta, ya nos contarás!

    9. Catanya
      6 agosto, 2010 / 22:58

      Thank you lovely Susan!

    10. Catanya
      6 agosto, 2010 / 22:59

      @ ♥ Rose ♥,
      Okis, wapa!

    11. Rubinha
      6 agosto, 2010 / 23:21

      sabia q tenia algo pendiente!! acabar de leer esta entrada! la deje a medias el otro dia porque tenia muchisimo sueño! tiene muy buena pinta este tratamiento! q suerte q te lo hayan mandado 😀 un besito! y date un caprichito d vez en cuando jeje ^^

    12. Catanya
      7 agosto, 2010 / 11:30

      Jaja, sí, debería, aunque cuando me lo doy, me paso!!

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