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    The Best Black

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    We are often asked about that makeup product without which we cannot live and I usually name foundation. However, there is an item which can turn a natural look sophisticated, feline and make the most beautiful smokey eyes. I am talking about black eyeliners and eye pencils.

    I must admit that the first makeup product I purchased with my own money when I was in my teens was a black eye pencil; awwww, the teens… when you rocked the disco with thick black waterlines, no foundation, no blush and lipstick was a product for “the grown-ups”…

    It happens something weird with black eye pencils and eyeliners: almost all of us own several ones from different brands. We tend to look for the perfect one in terms of the quality, the intensity of the colour, the blendability, the versatility… but, as it is a product that lasts for quite a long time, in the end mst of us own three or four different ones.

    Today, I am going to write about two eyeliners and six eye pencils:


    • Pinaud Black Eyeliner
    • Sleek Glitter Eyeliner

    1.- PINAUD Black Eyeliner: The ink is great, a beautiful strong black. However, the brush is awful, no precise at all and the line you get is just too thick. You cannot make a decent winged-eye with this!

    2.- SLEEK Glitter Eyeliner:

    To start with, it is not black, it is in the colour Steel, a sparkling grey with glitter. I have included it in this list because of its wonderful brush: it makes a precise and thin line.
    Therefore, what I do is the following: I use the Sleek brush with the Pinaud ink for a virtually perfect black eyeliner.
    Now, it is the turn of my black eye pencils:

    1.- ASTOR Eyeliner Pencil Black:
    This is an inexpensive option which works really well. It is the pencil I usually carry in my bag. The colour is intense quite creamy. However, it fades quickly and smudges a little.
    2.- CLINIQUE Cream Shaper for Eyes, Black Diamond.
    This one is black and it has lovely tiny silver sparkles. It blends easily and it is really long-lasting. The biggest quality of this is that it is really creamy.

    3.- D’ORLEAC Professional Kajal:
    This eye pencil is really but it is quite difficult to find. I bought it in a store specialized in professional makeup. It makes a very precise and thin line but it is not creamy enough for the waterline. It is quite hard.
    4.- Unknown Brand: Kajal
    My mum gave me this one and I am not sure where she got it from. I was surprised because it has a great quality and has a decent staying power.
    5.- URBAN DECAY Glide-On Eye Pencil:
    This pencil came in the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows together with a turquoise blue one. You can buy it on its own but I have heard it is a bit pricey. Nevertheless, it is my favourite at the moment: extremely dark black, really blendable and long-lasting!

    6.- Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof Noir:
    It has one defect: it is automatic and I am not fond of those kinds of pencils. However, I must admit it works very well on the upper lashes but not so well in the waterline, since it fades quickly even though it is waterproof.

    In this picture you can see the swatches for all the products mentioned. From left to right, you will find the first eyeliners first and after them, the eye pencils.

    What is your favourite eyeliner/pencil and why?

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    1. Rubinha
      8 septiembre, 2010 / 21:56

      Los de Urban Decay me tienen tentada, pero es dificil encontrarlos aqui! Yo hasta ahora usaba los de los chinos, tengo q admitirlo jaja pero el año pasado me compre uno en Mercadona. Me va bien, pero en mi linea de agua nada se queda permanente, excepto los de Essence que me duran bastante. Tendre que probar alguno que sea waterproof a ver q tal! un besoo :*

    2. Pawssies
      8 septiembre, 2010 / 23:36

      me gusto el de ud, un true black!

    3. 8 septiembre, 2010 / 21:50

      I really wanna try the Urban decay one, i've heard so much good about it!! 🙂

    4. 8 septiembre, 2010 / 22:28

      La mayoria de las marcaspor este lado no se venden =(

      Igual nada mejor que un negro bien negro!!

      A mi para eso me encanta el eyeliner en gel de MAC y ademas dura un monton en la eyeliner!!

      Un besote, gracia por pasar por mi blog y te sigo ahora!!


    5. Catanya
      9 septiembre, 2010 / 5:05

      The once by Urban Decay is really good!

      Tengo que probar los de Essence! Me han dicho que van muy bien!

    6. Catanya
      9 septiembre, 2010 / 9:01

      Tengo muchas ganas en probar el eye-liner en gel de Mac, la verdad! Me has recordado que debo anotarlo para cuando se me vaya terminando alguno de los que tengo.
      Gracias a ti por pasarte!

      La verdad es que el de UD va genial! Y el turquesa es precioso!

    7. Catanya
      9 septiembre, 2010 / 12:18

      @Miss Vendella,
      The Sleek one is really nice! Thanks for your comment!

      Yo me quiero hacer con alguno mas de Urban Decay 🙂

    8. 9 septiembre, 2010 / 11:57

      A mi los de Urban Decay me encantan

    9. Catanya
      9 septiembre, 2010 / 15:43

      Pues yo de UD no he probado ningún colorete! Me recomiendas alguno?
      Un besín!

    10. 9 septiembre, 2010 / 15:16

      Son geniales los lapices, piintan muy bien, yo utilizo eyerliner, pero antes con las rpisas utilizaba un lapiz negro de loreal, no me gustaba mucho, pero tenia que terminarlo…jejeje, me ha gustado el post, sobre todo porque ya se que lo proximo que pedire sera el lapiz de urban decay, ( y algun colorete tambien)

      Besos guapisima!

    11. kelly
      11 septiembre, 2010 / 12:20

      Thanks so much for following my blog! Im following back x

    12. Catanya
      11 septiembre, 2010 / 17:30

      Thanks Kelly! It's very sweet of you!

      Muchísimas gracias a ti!
      Un besazo!

    13. 11 septiembre, 2010 / 17:08

      muchisimas gracias por pasarte por mi blog y muchisimo mas por subscribirte de verdad :), estado mirando tu blog y tiene muy buena pinta desde hoy una neuva subscriptora :). un besito.

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