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    New Discovery: “MySkin”

    I love discovering new websites, the kind you come back because you find information or because you are curious about something over and over again. One of my biggest concerns and the primary reason for starting a blog, is skincare. You know I have written about skin matters very often and that I like reviewing products and talking about beauty routines.
    Therefore I found a web page which can be appealing for other skincare “freaks” out there, MySkin.

    You will probably find MySkin because you are looking for information about a particular cosmetic product. They have an organized, precise and complete database with a search engine to have access to over 150,000 skincare products from all the brands you can imagine (from Lush to Cetaphil, from Philosophy to Korres, Clinique…). They categorize these products according to their efficiency regarding the skincare topic they are addressing, from acne to spider veins, from redness to cellulite.

    Moreover, you can get unbiased personalized advice and product recommendations from their experts, as well as read discussions and tips about skincare, which the main objective of improving the quality of your skin, both face and body.

    Not only is MySkin an informative and reliable, but also you can find exciting and interesting applications to make skincare fun. If you take a minute to register, you will have access to virtual shelves to organize the beauty products you are using and then maintain a certain control on your beauty routines! I have already built my own shelves and you have even information about where to purchase the products online and their prices!

    Once you have your virtual shelf, you can rate and comment the products you are using so that other readers interested in those products can have more information, so the website really encourages feedback from all its users. You can then obtain your skincare recommendations: they analyse your skin profile and they provide you with an astonishing variety of alternatives for all the products you have mentioned. This is my absolute favourite part because you really learn a lot!

    The amount of things you can do in this page is great: you can keep a skin journal to write the particular characteristics of your skin day after day. You can have your own skin assessment report. And there is even an application for Ipod/Ipad!!

    Besides, they take into account the bloggers work, because they have created MyCommunity. There are users in the 10s of thousands who seek skincare advice from this site. At the Community Blog Channel, you will have access to the most acclaimed blogs on skincare matters, featuring the most popular blog of the time.

    Definitely, a web to add to your favourites in case you worry about your skin and you want to learn about cosmetics in depth, and a site in which you can keep record of your habits and routines in skincare.
    (Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion, I do not get paid for writing this and I am not affiliated with this company, in case you were wondering…)

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    1. Replica
      4 septiembre, 2010 / 13:53

      Thats really good, thanks for the link, I've bookmarked it 😉

    2. Catanya
      4 septiembre, 2010 / 17:25

      I am glad you enjoyed it!

    3. Linsay
      5 septiembre, 2010 / 15:44

      Thanks for your comment I love yr blog too 🙂

    4. Catanya
      5 septiembre, 2010 / 16:09

      Thanks sweety! <3

    5. Miss Thirty
      5 septiembre, 2010 / 19:48

      I didn't know this website before, but sound very interesting and useful, I'm going to visit it right now
      Thanks sweety

    6. Catanya
      5 septiembre, 2010 / 20:08

      @Miss Thirty,
      You are welcome, darling!

    7. Catanya
      6 septiembre, 2010 / 9:23

      @Lauren x,
      Thanks for your comment, Lauren!

    8. 6 septiembre, 2010 / 9:00

      Thanks for this post, im definatly going to check it out 😀 x

    9. 6 septiembre, 2010 / 17:09

      Thanks for the link. It's really a good find.

    10. Catanya
      6 septiembre, 2010 / 18:24

      You are welcome, darling! Hope you enjoy it!

    11. Catanya
      7 septiembre, 2010 / 8:38

      Me alegro de que te guste 🙂

    12. 7 septiembre, 2010 / 7:22

      Hola guapa!
      Tiene muy buena pinta! Falta encontrar una web así en español.
      Me pasaré , a mi estos temas me encantan, gracias por compartirlo!

    13. Princess Feef
      7 septiembre, 2010 / 22:56

      thanks dear for visiting my blog =)

    14. Catanya
      8 septiembre, 2010 / 4:58

      @Princess Feef,
      Thanks to you for stopping by and commenting 🙂

    15. Catanya
      8 septiembre, 2010 / 17:40

      Gracias a ti por pasarte 🙂

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