My friend Tienestela and I won 25€ each in the lotto this month!! Can you believe it? I know it is not that much, but it was enough to treat ourselves...
First of all, I bought a top from Bershka, with paillettes and leopard print, that was on sale, super cheap!
And afterwards I found out that cosmetic_candy was holding a great blogsale and I decided to buy some nice things:
- Clinique Almost Make up Powder, in the shade nº1 Fair: my favourite powder foundation of all times! It is such a great product! This is the second time I purchase it and I must say I love it.
- Clinique eye shadow duo: I have not tried this yet, too lazy for eye makeup I'm afraid... But I was tempted to buy it since Clinique eyeshadows are amazing in texture: very pigmented and velvety.
- Clarins Kohl Powder in Purple: a beautiful eyeshadow in a weird format...
And the rest is yummy candy and some gifts from this lovely lady!! Cool!

Loving I.C.O.N, again / Enamorada de I.C.O.N, de nuevo

On my way towards one of those beautiful big hairs I dream with:
(And taking Miranda Kerr's hair as inspiration this time)

En el camino hacia una de esas melenas con las que sueño:
(y esta vez, tomando como inspiración el precioso cabello de Miranda Kerr)

I was looking for a hair product which gave depth and volume to my hair, which is extremely fine and straight.
At my hairdresser's, they use and sell I.C.O.N hair products and I love them. Step by step I am beginning to learn about them and from time to time I fall in love with one product in particular. And this time it is Meringue.
Lovely, yummy name for a product that I am starting to love as well.
I am not very good at taking care of my hair, because I have always focused on my skin, to be honest, but know I am enjoying this new area of beauty products.
Meringue works pretty much like a foam you apply on damp hair. However, it comes on a purple gel texture when you press the pump. You have to work it with your hands before applying it to your hair. Then, I use my hairdryer and my hair looks magically thickened. Natural, non-sticky, and smelling wonderfully.
Only a peanut size is needed.

Buscaba un producto para el cabello que le aportase profundidad y volumen, ya que el mío es muy fino y lacio. En mi peluquería, utilizan productos de I.C.O.N y me encantan. Poco a poco estoy empezando a aprender sobre ellos y de vez en cuando caigo con algún producto en particular. Y esta vez es Meringue.
Un nombre delicioso para un producto que me está empezando a encantar.
No soy muy buena en cuanto a cuidados del cabello porque siempre me he centrado en la piel pero estoy disfrutando este nuevo sector en productos de belleza.
En cualquier caso,
Meringue paree una espuma cuando la aplicas sobre el cabello húmedo. Sin embargo, es un gel morado cuando sale el producto del dispensador. Hay que trabajarlo con las manos antes de aplicarlo sobre el cabello. Después, utilizo el secador y el pelo queda con cuerpo, más fuerte. No quedan residuos y huele de maravilla. Con una cantidad del tamaño de una avellana es suficiente.

Meringue, the Body Expanding.

And my hair looks like some other's. Not Miranda's, of course, but,
anyway, prettier.
And no, nobody is paying me for this review. (Or any other, by the way), just if you were wondering.

Y mi pelo queda como si fuese otro. No como el de Miranda, claro,
pero mucho más bonito.
Y no, nadie me paga por esta review (o cualquier otra, de paso), por si te lo estabas preguntando.

10 Things I Learnt this New Year's Eve. And Update.


  1. When things start wrong, they end wrong.
  2. Missing your love on New Year's Eve is a pain I will suffer for a long time.
  3. I will regret this night forever.
  4. Traditions bring peace and stability and breaking with them brings despair.
  5. My promise of not making the same mistakes once and again is not being accomplished.
  6. I will try to find my happiness but I have no idea where to start with.
  7. I need to be in peace.
  8. I'd better learn to control my feelings.
  9. I have no hope for 2010.
  10. 2009 was a painful year.

UPDATE: 7th, January, 2010

  1. No matter how long a night, the sun will always rise the morning after.
  2. I'd better stop complaining and take some action to be happy.
  3. Life has more good things than evil things, of this I am sure.
  4. Family will always be there and they will love me forever.
  5. Hope can never be lost.
  6. Everything has a solution except death.
  7. I'd better start working in my own happiness.
  8. We have to love the things we do while we are looking for the opportunity to do the things we love.
  9. 2010 will be happier than 2009.
  10. Maybe this year my life will change, maybe not... but I will be happy anyway.