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mayo 2011

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Fash’n Studio by Olaya

This is Astor #104 nail polish from the new Fash’n Studio collection by Astor, swatched by my beautiful Guest Blogger today, Olaya, aged 11. She says it is a beautiful shade for the summer season. Agree! Ésta es la laca número 104 de la nueva colección Fash’n Studio by Astor, probada por mi preciosa Blogger Invitada Olaya, de 11 años. Dice que es un tono precioso para el verano. Estoy…

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My first Cream Blush from Nars. I can say I am enchanted… (*excuse the simple pun*). This shade was launched in summer 2010 and we can describe it as a…

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Perfume Collection

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting”. “El perfume de una mujer dice más de ella que su letra”. Christian Dior I am not a perfume fanatic.…

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Guía Lush Cosmetics

(Such a long post, I decided to write it in separate entries, one in English and the other in Spanish :). Mi aventura con Lush Cosmetics comenzó allá por 2003,…