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julio 2011

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Cat Eyes (YSL “The Black Eyeliner”)

Remember this promo picture by Yves Saint Laurent, featuring Mascara Singulier? Well, I have always wanted to attempt the winged-eye makeup as sophisticated as that. I want to introduce you today to YSL L’Eyeliner Noir, a·k·a “The Black Eyeliner“. Blackest of the black, thinnest of the thin, judge by yourselves: ¿Os acordáis de esta imagen promocional de la campaña de Yves Saint Laurent para el lanzamiento de la Mascara Singulier? Siempre…

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Benefit How-To

Yes, I did jump on the bandwagon… / Sí, yo también caí en la tentación… How to use Benetint: Remember this legendary deep red tint was originally created in the…

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Well Dressed, by M·A·C

“Immaculate pink powder blush, with a satin finish“. This is how M·A·C describes “Well Dressed” blush. I would say this is a baby doll, subtle, clean, cutie pale milky pink.…

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Holidays Make Up Bag

What are a girl’s best friend… on holidays? Well, not diamonds. But… samples.  If my suitcase had to be tiny, my toilet bag had to be as well, drastically reduced.…

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7 Summer Outfits

My Sigma Kit Giveaway Sorteo Sigma Kit Yes. If you are reading this, it means I am already on holiday, hopefully lying down on a sunny beach… and it means this blog entry is programmed…