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agosto 2011

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Sleek “The Nude Collection”

Sleek Nude Collection is released today, 31st August, as Sleek’s Autumn/Winter collection, focusing on warm tones (beige, brown…) and intense (black, aubergine…). It claims to be inspired in the Autumn/Winter runways of fashion icons suchs as Chloé, Dolce & Gabanna, Balmain… That said, I could only say: “Yes, please”. Sleek Nude Collection sale al mercado hoy, 31 de Agosto, como colección de otoño/invierno centrada en tonos cálidos (beige, marrón…) e…

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And Kerastase….

Ooops, I dyed my hair again… I am a blondie once again. I cannot remember a summer without, at least fair locks or highlights. These are the days in which…

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China Glaze

I am going through a sort of nail polish madness… It is curious how I can see myself going for dark, heavy shades in winter time, whereas now I would…

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Lady Million

You love it or you hate it… This is what I have felt after hearing some comments about this perfume. I am more on the positive side at the moment,…