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junio 2012

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The Body Shop Summer Bestsellers

The Body Shop has prepared an amazing selection of products for this summer, aimed to take care of our skin even in the worst heatwave. The range of products belonging to their “Summer Essentials” includes 6 products, 4 of which I am going to review in this post. ☆ Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz ☆ Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream ☆ Aloe Soothing Night Cream ☆ Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder Shall we…

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Regalos Glamour Julio

Este mes la revista Glamour viene cargada de regalos. En su versión Glamour Pad, de 3,50€, nos obsequian con una talla de viaje de protectores solares de Hawaiian Tropic, a…

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ICON India Healing Spray

The I.C.O.N India family is getting bigger with their latest launch: Healing Spray, a leave-in remedy created to give strength to our hair, treat and heal it. Among its main…

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FREE SHIPPING KissAndMakeupNy The ultimate opportunity to put your hands over the amazing summer collections from the best makeup and cosmetic brands worldwide! Una oportunidad fantástica para hacernos con las últimas colecciones…