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    It is extremely difficult to try to summarize my 8-days holiday in the South of Spain in just one blog entry but I will try to do my best.
    We travelled to Andalucia and we stayed in Torremolinos. The impression I had from this city was that it is a city thought for the summer time. It is amazing the quantity of tourists there! The places I enjoyed the most were:
    El Bajondiyo: a cluster of narrow pending streets crowded with people, souvenir shops and restaurants. When you pass this area, you find the incredibly big and long beach called the same. It is several kilometres long. In fact, the seaside in Andalucia, called La Costa del Sol, is the longest in Spain. Along this beach there are hundreds of “chiringuitos” (small typical pubs and restaurants on the beach). There is also a service of sunbeds and hammocks every 100metres or so!
    Bathing in the Mediterranean Sea is wonderful. The water is not very cold, there are not almost any waves and it is so hot outside the water that you can bathe for hours! I did not tan much simply because it was impossible to be under the plain sun, you literally burnt even with sunscreen…
    Carihuela: this one was my favourite beach. I do not lie if I tell you it reminded me of tge idea I have of Miami Beach: all those palm trees, cool pubs, dance music and partying… At night, there was a lovely atmosphere. There was an amazing pub on the sun with beds, chill out music and torches!
    The Tina’s: this was my favourite pub in town. The staff spoke only English so the clients were all international. Music was great inside but we stayed outside in the terrace all nights. In the middle of that street there was a lovely girl who invited you to free shots. And cocktails were great!

    We made short trips to Mijas, Benalmadena, Marbella and Puerto Banus.
    Mijas: it is a small village of white typical houses. There is a lot of tourism and people use “donkey taxis”. There are flamenco shows in the main square.
    Benalmadena was quite similar to Torremolinos, in the sense that it is also crowdes with tourists and the beach was also very similar. The atmosphere was fun everywhere.
    Marbella: it has a beautiful city centre. I loved it and the little shops were really cute. We spent the afternoon at the beach and we had a great time!
    Puerto Banus: this city really deserves an entry on its own because there are lots of thing to tell. If I had to choose some words to define it I would say: Money, Wealth, Richness and Luxury. and all these connected with: Cars, Yachts, Shops and Glamour. It is an unforgettable vision. We could not count the number of Ferrari, Masseratti, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Mercedes MacLaren, Hammers,… Yachts looked like cruises and you could see the people living inside from the shore. All the people were taking photos.
    Just opposite the shore were the most important shops in the world: Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Marchessa, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Dior, Lanvin… they were open even at 12pm!
    I have never seen so many beautiful pople together. Everybody wore amazing clothes, I could not stop looking at those dresses, shoes, bags… that undoubtedly cost fortunes. You really feel a bit weird but it is really worth seeing.
    We had the great luck to be invited to a very famous beach club, called Glam. They were having a party and it was really like on of those in “Gossip Girl”. We had the most expensive beer of our lives. *Sigh* It was such a great experience.


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    1. Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY!
      28 julio, 2009 / 16:25

      looks like an awesome trip!

    2. 28 julio, 2009 / 21:48

      oh what a great holiday! thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

    3. suzannah
      29 julio, 2009 / 19:25

      thanks for your comment and it looks like you had such an amazing time! <3

    4. Dana Yoshimizu
      30 julio, 2009 / 6:28

      Omg, what a great experience, it sure seems like such an amazing trip!! 😀

      I was browsing through your blog and am now a NEW Follower~! 😉

      RYC – high tea is awesome, one of my new favorites actually. & My 14 year old little sister has even asked if she could wear it some time! haha

    5. Catanya
      30 julio, 2009 / 9:07

      Thanks all, girls! Yeap, the trip was fantastic.
      Now I am terribly sad because a close relative passes away yesterday, so I do not feel like writing…

    6. 30 julio, 2009 / 15:29

      That looks like an amazing trip. Gorgeous pics. Jealous!

    7. 2 agosto, 2009 / 14:48

      what an amazing trip! looks so good! you must have a great time!


    8. Tink in My Closet
      3 agosto, 2009 / 7:12

      Looks and sounds amazing! Thanks for your sweet comments too… I'm glad you liked the makeup post!!

      Thanks for sharing your experiences too!

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