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    Mac Pret-A-Papier

    In my opinion, Prét-a-Papier is a collection to see (and swatch) in person. Little do the shades say when you look at them in your computer screen.
    However, it is a really intelligent collection, natural and vibrant contrasts play together. I went to the mac counter 4 days after the collection was launched and there were quite a lot of products already sold out. I came home without the adorable Chromographic Pencil which I think would be perfect as a nude lip liner… *Sigh*.
    I am on a total eyeshadow ban so I cannot tell you anything about them…
    If you read my previous entry, you know that I am in love with Instant Chic blush.
    Coral is present in this collection even though I thought that everything would be nude-ish.


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    1. legseleven7
      4 mayo, 2010 / 18:24

      Where is the instant chic swatch?

    2. Rubinha
      4 mayo, 2010 / 19:34

      cool 🙂

    3. 4 mayo, 2010 / 19:25

      Muy bonitos. El Dressmaker, dressmaker me gustó mucho en el stand, igual lo pillo con un B2M.
      Los tonos coral me encantan para primavera.

    4. 5 mayo, 2010 / 2:58

      Not so keen on the lippies but the blush is gorgeous!

    5. 5 mayo, 2010 / 11:54

      wow, that C-thru lipglass looks divine!
      sorry for being a bad blogger friend lately, I am a mess… I hope I will get back on track very soon 🙂
      have a lovely week, darling!

    6. Catanya
      5 mayo, 2010 / 13:11

      Oh, darling… I have not swatched it yet! I am such an ass!
      Swatch coming soon, I promise!

      Me too! You know? I am obsessed with Shy Girl l/s since I saw it on you…

      Demasiado bonitos. Últimamente con lo que compro de MAC siempre me pasa igual, que me da pena estrenarlo, ¿te lo puedes creer?

    7. Catanya
      5 mayo, 2010 / 15:08

      Yes, it deff is:) I am dieing to start wearing it day after day but I need a tan!!

      I must swatch it for you all!

      so glad you are back! I have missed you, honey 🙂

      Lol! Think about it as it is really pretty and will soon be sold out!

    8. 5 mayo, 2010 / 14:47

      I agree this is very nice in person, but somehow I resisted to buy anything…for now anyway 🙂


    9. 5 mayo, 2010 / 14:49

      Dressmaker Dressmaker and C-thru look great! They will be oos in Singapore very soon. I have to grab one as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing!

    10. Rubinha
      5 mayo, 2010 / 18:18

      el de las uñas tambien lo tienen en mercadona? :O no *odas!! si estuve hoy alli y no lo vi, seguro q es mucho mas barato! pues si, lo tienen en sephora y va genial!! 😀 ademas huele q no veas, nada q ver con la acetona!

      un besooo!

    11. Catanya
      6 mayo, 2010 / 13:16

      Sí, también lo hay en Mercadona, pero huele fuerte, a quitaesmaltes de toda la vida. Seguro que el de Sephora huele mejor 🙂

      @Persis Sha,
      Yeah, it has got a greatest range of shades, unbelievable! Which makes me want every single one, though…
      I am going to check your giveaway right now!

      Hello, darling! Thanks so much for following! Much appreciated!


    12. 6 mayo, 2010 / 12:13

      hi catanya… new follower…

      great blog!

    13. Catanya
      6 mayo, 2010 / 18:13

      @** RO **,
      Extraño, ¿Verdad? Hmmm,
      en fin, seguiré intentándolo.

    14. 6 mayo, 2010 / 16:30

      Nena!!! que cosa más rara lo que me has contado!!! es como si la conversión de la moneda se hubiera vuelto loca!!!
      Lo has intentado otro día??? yo que se,,, ya sabes que a veces esto de la informática falla… a mi nunca me ha pasado… en el peor de los caso mándales un mail para preguntarles!!!
      Dime cositas!!! : )

    15. Rubinha
      6 mayo, 2010 / 19:21

      pues si, la verdad esq fue bastante decepcionante 🙁 MAC merece mucho más la pena, además de ser mas barato que Bobbi!

    16. Café Bellini - Beauty. Yoga. Kids. Life.
      9 mayo, 2010 / 15:10

      Hello! I loved the pret a papier collection! I got quite a few things, including Dressmaker lipstick and Instant Chic blush like you, and wrote about it on my blog, if you're interested!

    17. Catanya
      9 mayo, 2010 / 21:18

      Nada nada, la próxima vez, algo de Mac 🙂

      @Café Bellini,
      Oh! Thanks for telling me, I am going right now to check your blog!


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